Kalafina 10th Anniversary Film Pamphlet Pictures from performances of 9+1 Tour World Heritage Theater Extra with Strings - Nikko Toshogu 9+One With Strings Acoustic Tour Behind The Scenes pictures of 2 Day Special World Heritage with Strings - Nara Koufuku +One with Strings Acoustic tour 10th Anniversary Live Solo Interview with Keiko Solo Interview with Wakana Solo Interview with Hikaru Group interview 10th Anniversary Live performance pictures Biography (performances, singles, albums, music videos, etc.) Online: https://vk.com/album-29392291_253572535 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h9x059pc4t0sdyt/Kalafina_10th_Anniversay_Film_Pamphlet.zip #music #japan #kalafina #yukikajiura #jpop
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