It won't start an earthquake, maybe just give you a headache... Hello, friends, and welcome to another Song for Odin™, brought to you by yours truly and a German fellow who goes by the name of Mr. Poof. And by Elder Edda cigarettes. I smoke 'em. *He* smokes 'em. I don't know why I make jokes only I can get. It's kind of a hobby, and maybe even a defining feature of my personality, but it defeats the purpose of the joke as such. Anyway, can't stop, won't stop, if c.s., w.s. means what I think it does. Excuse me, sir, but you're breaking your own laws... Okay hold on. Reset. Behold: What we've got here is the MTX of 1992 doing "Supersonic" at the Störtebeker club in Hamburg, Germany. Video shot by Mr. Poof, as I said. I've posted a few songs from this set already, which has its moments despite a great number of lengthy pauses between songs while we huddle around the drum kit trying to negotiate with the drummer on whether or not the next song would be played. The German punks, and Mr Poof, really hung in there. I doubt I'd have had the patience to make it through the whole thing. More awkward pauses than music, that was our signature show business approach, but at those odd moments when music happened it could be ... well, not exactly "magical" like I was going to say. A surprise. A bit of a relief, you might say, that nevertheless contained its own seeds of awkwardness that, in turn, could sprout into a new variety of relief once the noise has stopped anew. Stress and relaxation, the two basic energies in the world. "Supersonic," as you may know if you're in our little exclusive club, is from the Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood 12" e.p. that came out on Rough Trade in 1989. It's... not all bad. As an attempted anthem of noise, redemptive idiocy, and incipient hearing loss, it basically does the job despite some bits that arguably go off half-cocked. And it's got a kind of "groove," a thing of which the getting into has often managed to elude us over the years. The studio recording and performance of it is deeply flawed and really doesn't do the song any favors. (The remix, done for the Lookout re-issue in 1997 is an improvement, but it's one of those tapes that is lost. If we ever re-issue BBBBBB, we'll probably have to attempt another remix, if the tape will play and if we can find a machine to play it. But that's a matter for another day.) Anyway, all self-deprecation aside, I think "Supersonic" works pretty darn well here. And in hindsight only I can say that I really get a kick out of description or treatment of a thing that simultaneously is an example of it. Often unwitting. In fact, unwitting is the best kind, far better, or at least more interesting, than witting. I'd rather be deaf and dumb... careful what you wish for, young doctor. I think that's all that need be said at this time. Have yourselves a merry little mid-July. Like, subscribe, comment, and share if you care to. Odin and I will be back next week with something else, knowing us. MTX Forever. #music #songs #video #punkrock #minds