What Is SD-WAN? The idea of SD-WAN is to give a cost-effective alternative to the previous method of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). But why is SD-WAN a better option? Switching to SD-WAN or mixing and matching between MPLS and SD-WAN allows businesses to reduce reliance on the former, which is expensive and usually unfeasible. Software-defined WAN can also give the business's IT teams full visibility and control over the transferred business data. By creating a virtual WAN overlay, businesses can allow their customers connectivity without overhauling any existing WAN investments. The connectivity with customers is no longer restricted as it is accessible with any data service such as 3G or broadband. The benefits of SD-WAN also include improved network agility in addition to the lower costs. Being able to quickly connect between the different branches of a business becomes easy with SD-WAN deployment. By using SD-WAN, the business can have a single view over its entire network while increasing its efficiency and reducing dependency and costs. If you want to know more about what SD-WAN is and how it can benefit your business, visit Field Engineer. https://www.fieldengineer.com/sd-wan/what-is-sd-wan #sdwan #technology #tech #network #networking