I want to make you feel like this approximately does... Odin! i.e., it's Wodnesdæg, which means I post a video with some commentary, styled as a Song for Odin, in reference to the god whose day this is. One day, simply shouting "Odin!" (in effect) may be sufficient to identify the matter unambiguously and with sufficient clarity. However, though I've been doing it each week for over a year to an audience of literally dozens, it still, I feel, needs a gloss. Nevertheless: Odin. The time is now. https://youtu.be/3znA0qFP4IY And what we have here is a video of yours truly playing the song "King Dork Approximately" in my bedroom in December of 2014, shot by our old and dear friend Julie Green. Julie generously allowed me to post it here. Thanks, Julie! This was on the day of the book release party for my book King Dork Approximately at 1234Go! Records in Oakland. KDA was not yet a "balbum", but still only a novel with a theme song. Julie spent the day at my dumb little apartment, taking photos and such, while I was getting ready to head over to the "venue," which is conveniently located just down the street. She's a great photographer. She did the photos used for Revenge Is Sweet and its associated materials, with which most of you who follow me and my band are no doubt very familiar; and recently we re-purposed some of them for the band member photos of the Shards compilations. You can see some of those photos and a write-up in a post called "Dr Frank: A Day in the Life of a Rock 'n' Roller" on her blog Patterns and Tones: http://patternsandtones.blogspot.com/2014/12/dr-frank-day-in-life-of-rock-n-roller.html The bedroom scene wasn't staged or "dressed". That's just what it looked like randomly, including the H. P. Lovecraft book on the bed (I think I had been looking something up.) Over to my right can be seen some of the stacked bins containing the MTX / Dr Frank tape archive, then still disordered, un-inventoried, and, of course, un-restored and -transferred. In this alone, if in nothing else: we've come a long way, baby. Anyway, the whole thing was a good time. And the show was a good time too. I've tried to make my book release events interesting and unusual each time, and I believe I've succeeded. This time was much more of a rock and roll show than the previous ones, with a big bill of very interesting guests, featuring, among others, the great Chuck Prophet, the Devil-ettes, John Denery et al. with a trombone solo by Dina, and the Bye Bye Blackbirds playing some songs with me, including "Cum on Feel the Noize" which was great fun. The climax was an unannounced and only vaguely planned first performance of the re-vamped MTX, with Jaz on drums as well as Ted and Bobby. We hadn't played, to speak of, in around ten years. It did come as a surprise to much of the audience I believe. At that point, it wasn't clear how much more we would do, but as it happened, largely due to strong nudges from Joe Queer, we wound up playing shows and eventually becoming a full-on band again, recording a "balbum," re-issuing old records, the whole bit. At the time this was by no means certain or charted. But this was the beginning of it, and I'm glad it happened. As for the song, well, I've written about it in the "minor secrets" write-up for the post about the "music video":. http://www.doktorfrank.com/archives/2018/03/minor_secrets_o_14.html I still consider it one of my best-conceived, -constructed, and -executed songs: the structure is unusual, but doesn't seem so until you think about it. And it works just fine solo, which, you know, not all of them do. But I think the recorded band version is great, one of our best recordings ever. That recording, which of course was later to be included in the KDA "balbum," was first released in 2014 on a Mooster Records cassingle (MR 29), along with a home-recorded "O'Brien Is Tryin' to Learn to Talk Hawaiian." https://www.discogs.com/MTX-King-Dork-Approximately/master/1128078 Not a lot of people know that! So there you have it. Play nicely with each other if you must play at all. But make some time for sitting quietly looking inward. Try to stop hassling everyone all the time about every little thing. Leave people alone and work on fixing yourself if you feel the need to fix something - you'll find it'll take up your whole day, leaving little time for other mischief, and your neighbors will appreciate it very much. Or, you know, don't. It's good advice, but it's up to you. Till the next Odin, I remain, your Doctor further notes: -- Julie Green's blog: http://patternsandtones.blogspot.com/ -- Julie Green's Dr Frank posts: http://patternsandtones.blogspot.com/search/label/Dr. Frank -- "King Dork Approximately" the music video: https://youtu.be/FZkEYgp0RM4 -- King Dork Approximately the Album: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/p93/KDAALBUM.html -- King Dork Approximately the Balbum: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/p30/King_Dork_Approximately_Signed_Paperback_Edition.html #music #songs #video #mtxforever #minds