for "Father's Day" - http://pc.cd/pCRotalK Missing from action: Vanishing manhood in America about the book: REQUIRED READING FOR ALL MEN: provocative book on the crisis of men in modern western society, whom he sees as having become feminized largely through the abandonment of their traditional roles in society. "To a highly educated,well read, world travelled old geezer , such as myself, this was my patriarchal family upbringing. However, almost all American men should read it,then give it to their male children and their children.The subject matter must be a required course from the elementary school level onward and upward. "Since the American Civil War to the present global conflicts, American men's seed has been wiped from the Earth. In many cases, a fatherless America. No, I did not know the author, the publisher or family members. I worry for my 24 year old son." https://www.amazon.com/dp/0840730748/ #manhood #menshealth #mensrights #feminismiscancer #family