DreamPondTX/Mark Price - Dream Pond (II) (Vocals) (OASYS at the Pond)

Dream Pond (II) (Vocals) —- The 1st version of Dream Pond w/vocals. It's the flagship song. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dream Pond (The Beginning) Intro/Break: If you live to learn and see Come to the Pond in the evening Take the trail that the Sun's last shining on Go up the hill now, take it slow Watch your step there might be some snow Cross the bridge & keep on moving along Break: Down in the valley you'll see a shack Build up a fire there's wood out back Kick off your shoes and let your feelings go He won't be long so just relax He'll take you down those winding tracks Close your eyes and let your dreams come true Break: Ya drift away now soft and slow Where you're off to , you don't know You hear a song and drift off into the night The Pond has let you float away Far from home you're free to stray The ties of life are cut, now you're on your own Break/End: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recorded by Mark & KORG OASYS. (Note: Mark is not a vocalist, which should be obvious to the most casual observer) OASYS at the Pond. #music #art #dreampondtx #photography #jetz