Seems to me Satan's goal is to prove Humanity unworthy of God's special gift (In-Breathed). This is being done by persuading Humans to CHOOSE to pervert themselves and harm the innocent. The further the perversion, the better Satan's achievement. The inverse of God. Killing and ingesting the innocent, I would imagine, would be the ultimate perversion. in this light, look at the late-term (now seeking post-born) abortion and the use of fetal tissues (parts) in medicines, vaccines and allegedly in food additives. Further the use of the "warrior" to kill the innocent (I.E. Manning's videos); the total inverse of the Warrior's Creed. Making out food harmful-to-poisonous (GMO, RoundUp, etc), make rainwater illegal (see Nestle's assertion "water is not a human right") Sex with dolls, corrupting the genders and opening doors for transgenders to children. You know a Chimera is next. All in all, I would say Satan appears to be rather successful.