http://putlockers.net/ DC for long now has been overshadowed by Marvel in the movie industry. Even though DC still surpasses marvel in comics and T.V series. DC has now stepped it up a notch and started its ten-year plan. Shazam is a great putlockers movie that has come out of DC. The director David Sandberg has done justice to the character, and actor Zachary Levi has done well with his character. DC, for the first time, has not made the movie in a dark manner and has given it a more comic-like perspective. The mixture of magic and comedy blends well. Billy Batson, a school student, is played Asher angle, and the young actor has perfectly fit the role and made the character his own. The movie based on the mythology of god and sins. In this devil world, there was no one who fitted the wizard’s requirement for being pure-hearted and perfect. The villain who is played by mark strong had the chance to be the next Shazam, but his ill-hearted ambitions didn’t allow him to be and hence he turned to the sins. The protagonist is a child in a man’s body, and that’s a role the Ryan Reynolds is known for, but Zachary Levi has performed his role with 100% precision and has left critic with no bad remarks for his work. The actors who played the foster family have also done well, especially the superhero nerd and specialist Freddy Freeman, played by Jack Dylan grazer. The character was comically as well as emotionally great. The side-kick of Shazam was perfectly cast. At the beginning of the movie, we see the hero taking the wrong turn, and as we slowly get into the movie, he understands the gravity of the situation and everything gets around. The climax of the movie took a turn that no one expected and hence, it was a great end. The putlockers movies VFX and CGI wasn’t amazing, but it was up to mark. The DC universe has kicked it up a notch and has also begun catching up with Marvel. While catching up with marvel seems impossible, DC is not on the verge to give up. The DC universe has released three consecutive great movies. Wonder women had a climax which let you down, but it's not the same with Shazam! And it’s a must watch, and it Is remarkable how well put together the putlockers movie is. #Shazam #putlockers