I was raised in a Catholic family and educated in Catholic schools. All of my life, since I was a young child I have criticized Christianity for what it is and argued (with family friends, teachers, preachers, bible thumpers and people online) that it is the worship of archaic lies (ignorance) created by primitive men (who only knew the moat minuscule fraction of what we know now) to wield power over primitive people and as such an impediment to human progress. Criticism is what has made it less pervasive and why there is a direct negative correlation with the religiousness of a country’s population and their overall well-being. No one has ever tried to silence me, accused me of bigotry nor threatened my life, my family (or threatened me in any way) for doing so.
 Islam is not a race. It is a religion and it is a terrorist religion.
The overwhelming majority of terrorism in the world is committed by less than a quarter of the world’s population. Search a list of designated terrorist organizations. There are hundreds of them and almost all of them are Islamic. Some with even m ore blood on their hands than isis. 
Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers" A Muslim is literally someone who worships, espouses and submits their lives to extremely virulent ignorance (created by a sadistic, inbreeding, 7th century, pedophile warlord who is still the role model for nearly a quarter of the world’s population) which spawns the overwhelming majority of terrorism in our world. They are victims of stringent islamic brainwashing and compromised genetics through generations of islamically encouraged inbreeding but it has made you what you are. Compared to people of all other beliefs islamic indoctrination spawns by far the least peaceful least tolerant and most ignorant people and we are more than bad enough without that shit.
It has a much more toxic influence than other religions and because it does, it is imperative that we acknowledge it and address the problem.
 Islam claims that men are a degree above women and are their guardians who can discipline them for being disobedient as prescribed by allah to protect them. An ideology that only allows multiple wives but not multiple husbands is sexist. An ideology which claims that men are the guardians of women (who can discipline them when they are disobedient) as prescribed by allah to protect them is sexist. An ideology which provides virgins for men in heaven but no such equivalent for women is not only sexist but really twisted as well. It is no less offensive to me than an ideology which promotes white supremacy (but there is so much more about islam which is extremely contemptible other than the overt sexism). Google worst countries for women (almost all muslim) and best countries for women (none are muslim), google Gender Gap Index (it is about much more than wage equality), no muslim countries in the top 50, most of the worst 50 countries are muslim. It seems that secular teachings and man's laws are much more effective at protecting women than god's laws and teachings.. This couldn't possibly be so if allah was truly the all-knowing omnipotent creator of the world which he is purported to be. Women have been executed for being raped in muslim countries. Western women have been imprisoned for being raped in muslim countries. Today, girls and women have been, are being and will be killed by their own family members because off this ideology they espouse. Yesterday, girls and women were killed by their own family members because of this ideology they espouse (and so many Western leaders and other apologists pander to enabling its proliferation). Tomorrow, girls and women will be killed by their own family members because of this barbaric 7th century ignorance. 

A few random quotes from Women in Islam; A Refutation of Some Common Misconceptions a book by Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha which is supposed to refute alleged misogyny in islam yet emphatically confirms it. Hijabi university students were handing out the booklet at York University in Toronto as part of their Dawah (proselytization is an obligation for all muslims). A student was stabbed to death there on campus for arguing that islam is not a religion of peace 2 years ago. 

"Islam permits the beating of wives in a restricted an limited sense only as a final solution and acceptable valid reason when all else fails. This is analogous to spanking of children when all else fails and they must learn a lesson in obedience for their own good" p.80 

"Since women remain in a position of natural weakness, Islamic jurisprudence lays down and laws and principles to protect her interests, and welfare and preserve her rights. The father, the mother and other concerned relatives if need be help her select the right and most suitable husband for her" p.75 

"Since women are, in general, more emotional than men and more easily affected and tempted with appearances rather than deeper realities" p.75-76 

 "The purpose of beating her is only to discipline and never retaliation. This treatment is proven to be very effective with two types of women. The first type: Strong willed, demanding and commandeering women. These are the types of women who like to control, master and run the affairs of their husbands by pushing them around, commanding them and giving them orders. The second type: Submissive or subdued women. These women may enjoy being beaten as a sign of love and concern" p.81 

"For the protection of the person and honour of woman, the islamic rule encompassed in this tradition forbids any woman weather she be young, old, single or married to travel alone with (mahram) as a travel companion. This man must be of those to whom she is permanently prohibited to marry due to close blood relationship such as father, brother, uncle, elser son or nephew after he has reached puberty or husband etc" p.96 

Search 'most dangerous countries' and then search that countries religion. Almost all are Muslim majority countries. Search 'most dangerous countries to visit'. Almost all are Muslim majority countries. Search ‘worst countries for women’. Almost all are Muslim majority countries Search ‘Global Peace Index' No muslim countries among the 50 most peaceful countries (they are all among the least religious nations in the world) and almost all muslim nations in the worst 50. Search 'Global Conflict Tracker' almost all armed conflicts around the world involve muslims (most of which don't have anything to do with the West). Search 'Gender Gap Index' No Muslim majority countries among the 50 best countries (they are all among the least religious nations in the world) and almost all Muslim nations in the worst 50. Google 'top countries in science, math and literacy' (no muslim countries). I could go on and on. Muslims claim that the Quran contains many scientific miracles, so why don't they apply this knowledge? 
Between 1900 and 2007 there have been 579 Nobel Prize winners in various scientific fields. World Muslim Population......1.6 Billion.............2/579.............0.3% of total (One of the 2 muslim Nobel Prizes winners, Abdus Salam, was excommunicated, branded a heretic and officially declared a non-muslim by his country) World Jewish Population.......16 Million.........143/579...........25.0% of total. 
Marie Curie has won as many Nobel Prizes for science as all muslims put together.
 The terrorism, misogyny and extremely zealous to devotion to ignorance are terrible but the suppression of discourse which they have inspired in the West is even more insidious.