Enjin CTO on the revolutionary ideas Enjin is exploring for the Multiverse Coin Rivet recently spoke with the co-founder and CTO of Enjin, Witek Radomski, to discuss the wacky and revolutionary ideas Enjin has for the blockchain gaming Multiverse Coin Rivet recently spoke with Enjin co-founder and CTO Witek Radomski to discuss the wild, wacky, and revolutionary ideas and concepts Enjin is exploring for the blockchain gaming Multiverse. Innovation Witek discussed how the Multiverse is providing genuine innovation that the mainstream gaming industry has been lacking for some time. The Multiverse is a collaborative effort of many game developers feeding into one unique and authentic experience for both the developer and the player. One of the central pillars of the Multiverse is the ability to take in-game items from one game to the next – almost as if the player is being transported to a different universe complete with all their hard-earned gear. https://coinrivet.com/enjin-cto-on-the-revolutionary-ideas-enjin-is-exploring-for-the-multiverse/