India's powerful NASSCOM tech lobby wants the Reserve Bank to give crypto a chance. Powerful Indian Tech Lobby Urges Central Bank to Favor Bitcoin Startups Dominant Indian tech lobby, NASSCOM, is pushing the Reserve Bank of India to be inclusive with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in its regulatory sandbox to shape the future of the country’s fintech industry. NASSCOM, which represents the $154 billion Indian IT sector and is a powerful voice in the industry, is calling for the RBI to include crypto in its so-called ‘Draft Enabling Framework for Regulatory Sandbox’ after they shunned its inclusion in the official document on the framework, and excluded cryptocurrency, crypto trading and ICOs from testing. BITCOIN INCLUSION A NASSCOM spokesperson said including crypto in the framework would help the bank better understand the risks and opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies: https://www.ccn.com/powerful-india-tech-lobby-urges-central-bank-bitcoin