I'm none the wiser on this question, I'm afraid. The response was: "Boosting is the best way to expand your reach and build a subscriber base on Minds, and it is a great way to gain interaction on your content. When we put boost into the Discovery feeds we noticed a decrease in the amount of interaction, so we now have limited boost to the newsfeed, and this should result in increased interaction." So... was there a change (in the way sidebar boosts behave) or not? Also: "...so we now have limited boost to the newsfeed." So does that mean the sidebar boosts are no longer doing anything? It would be great if there were a log of these changes -- I'm sure I'm not alone in being confused by the unannounced changes.
I've always been rather confused by the boosting system, not the concept, which I get, but the mechanics and effects of it. I boost stuff because, why not? Though I can't necessarily see the effect beyond the count number displayed on the post. I don't really know what I"m doing with it, but it doesn't hurt and it's kind of fun and you've gotta do something with those tokens. With the sidebar channel boost, I've noticed a change over the past few days. Up till recently I'd just boost the channel one token at a time. Unlike the post boosts, these 1000 views would take some time to complete, several days at least, sometimes even weeks. As of the past few days though, they've been just flying through these alleged 1000 views. I'm talking, a few hours rather than days or weeks. I keep re-upping the boost, but there's no indication of any actual effect on engagement, readership... pretty much no discernible effect at all. (That is, I don't think my channel has suddenly become massively popular to account for such increased views stats.) What has changed? Am I missing something? Is there a way to analyze or even merely discern the effects of this process? Should I keep doing it?