I was wondering about the nature of reliable sources and the nature of those that post to this Science and Technology group. The account Moon_Central just posted a link to Natural News. I was about to ask why this source would even be posted in this group only to find that they had already blocked me. How do I feel about that? Mildly entertained that someone posting links to a well established site that has made its mark though propagating conspiracy theory, disproven or unproven alternatives to actual medicine and pushing products with dubious health claims. In general though... Meh. Don't care. I can still up/down vote the post and I can still report it. I *have* down voted it. I have not reported it though. While there is an "Other" option I would much rather see an "Off topic/Inappropriate for group" option on that list. While Moon_Central's post is just an example, I do see a lot of conspiracy theory laden posts here. Between these and the spam the worthwhile content is becoming a little buried. There's a lot of members in this Group. How do people feel about the direction this Group has gone in?