BitTorrent Token Price Notes Small yet Unconvincing Gains A little while ago, BitTorrent Token was launched to much fanfare. Traders saw a good opportunity to make money and its trading volume soared to new heights pretty quickly. That situation hasn’t remained in place for long, as the BitTorrent Token price has taken a serious beating ever since. Today, however, it seems some minor gains are materializing in quick succession. BitTorrent Token Price Momentum Remains Uncertain It is always difficult to make sense of new cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets when they first launch. Although there is always a lot of excitement, very few of these projects manage to sustain any real growth a few months down the line. BitTorrent Token is no exception by any means, as its initial value has not been seen ever since. In fact, it seems the slow and steady decline remains in place several weeks later, which is not a promising sign. https://nulltx.com/bittorrent-token-price-notes-small-yet-unconvincing-gains/