Bach Twist This short video quickly illustrates the two main layouts for music in our animations. The animations are based on frequency displayed over time, revealing the notes in the recording with detail and precision as well as other musical parameters not visible in traditional music notation. The beginning notes of the Fugue from Bach’s Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue in D minor are at first laid out horizontally across a mock keyboard to better label their pitches. As with the keyboard, Bass notes are on the left side and Treble notes on the right. About midway through the notes begin to lift up on the right side and move to an upright lattice in vertical position. With traditional music notation running behind this vertical lattice it’s easy to see how closely this method mirrors the music notation, but shows the actual length of each note, the volume contours, pitch bends, and even the timbre or tone of the notes if desired. Each voice in the fugue is marked with a different texture further aiding musical interpretation. #music #animation #classicalmusic #frequency #bach


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