I just hate everybody, I wanna kill everybody too...

I just hate everybody, I wanna kill everybody too... An old pic of me from an old magazine with an even older guitar... that's a '57 Les Paul Jr, which was my main guitar from '92 till around '97 when I started playing the much more stable, reliable Epiphone Coronet, mainly. The guy who sold it to me claimed its previous owner had been Johnny Guitar Watson, which is big if true, but easy to say. I took it on tour all over the place and abused it mercilessly, all the while unaware that the bridge posts were leaning gradually ever nearer to the pickup (a common problem, I was to learn.) I instinctively compensated for some of the tuning weirdness by bending strings and de-emphasizing the third and second string in open chords and when moving up the neck, till in the end it became unplayable. (Then I had to work on breaking those habits when I switched to more, er, traditional guitars.) While it was playable, though, despite the "issues," it had the greatest tone you ever, ever heard. After leaving it in the case for 20 years, I recently got it restored and replaced the bridge with an adjustable wrap-around. It's playable now and still sounds amazing. However, the tuning issues still hover, less severe than before, but still present. Part of it is just a Gibson thing, owing to the short scale I have heard, meaning there's always going to be a bit of a third and second string "twang" no matter what you do. That's a sound all its own, and is one of the building blocks of rock and roll. But also, there's just something wild and out of control about this beast. It is crazy resonant even when not plugged into anything, and the overtones and undertones and what-not are just off the charts. Electronic tuners' needles jump all over the place, even when you're pretty solidly "in there" on a single string. Plus, the pickup tends to tune in to radio signals. (Which have wound up on records -- one guy talking on a CB saying "I just hate everybody I want to kill everybody too" kind of defines the song it wound up on (a cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love".) It's just kind of a thing unto itself. You gotta hang on to it and ride it, doing your best to steer but giving it its head as well,. I've played shows with it since, but it's too temperamental to take on the road on its own and I've largely drifted back to the rock solid Coronet. But I still love it more than just about anything. That song btw: https://youtu.be/kwxLuHngvjo #music #guitar #guitarplayersonminds #minds

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