HoneyPod CHANGE the Internet Faster Screenshot_6.jpg HoneyPod is a small palm-sized device. It connects wirelessly directly to the Internet router to intercept unwanted data, requests and scripts at the entrance to your device’s Internet connection. Hardware block detection is not possible because it cannot be stopped or blocked. What is a honeypod? The Honeypod found on the Internet at http://honeypod.org/ is a privacy-oriented device that connects to your router to remove advertisements and tracking systems from your entire home network, and also rewards you for surfing the web. The Internet landscape, as we know it today, is entirely built on hidden services designed to track and track every person’s movements who he is, what he sees and with whom he contacts without acknowledgment or approval. Honeypod changes this by giving you not only the freedom to control who and what has access to your Internet connection, but also gives you rewards for viewing the Internet. The advantages of Honeypod are quite numerous and the most important of them are: Honeypod blocks dangerous data at once, without sending it to you directly, and then exposes it to block; Honeypod does not require installation of additional software on all your mobile devices with Internet access. The Honeypod only has its own unit, with which all necessary screening takes place; Honeypod truly protects all devices that have access to the Internet, regardless of whether a browser is installed in it; all processes in a Honeypod user have the ability to control yourself, expressing the desire to adjust the list of unwanted system filtering standards and more. Problem However, with the emergence of a large number of objects with access to the Internet, making us and our lives vulnerable, and most importantly exposing unnecessary hazards. What danger am I talking about? Really very clear. We all know that with the help of the Internet and open access to the Internet, many hackers have the opportunity to hack into our database, use some confidential information or even worse to embed us different viruses, which can damage our devices. At the same time, many of us don’t even suspect that there are various resources on the Internet that monitor us day and night, where we are, and what we are, what social networks we have priorities, what we are interested in, what sites are we visit, from what device, how much, and almost from what IP address. All of this data is collected without our knowledge or agreement. Another urgent problem with the Internet is hype, which only rises from where he is not lazy and often turns away from non-intrusive advertisements in regular spam. This and many other things make you think, and what will happen next if you can’t control it? It is good that the world moves a little faster and intelligent minds of humanity have long been developed to solve this problem. This is a decision that we will discuss with you today. feature CRYPTO PRODUCTIVE Through the use of Honeypod, all users receive cryptocurrency tokens in a form similar to mining based on the number of uses of their Honeypod. Through promotional partners connected with Honeypod, users will also receive tokens. AD BLOCKING, Unfortunately, advertising is becoming increasingly forced to direct internet users into spam which causes intensive bandwidth usage, long page loading times, and malicious malware attacking user devices. BLOCKING TRACKER Tracking services often piggyback on legitimate services to force Internet users to be wary of leaking sensitive personal information that Internet users will not give freely. Personal information is then often sold to other services and companies. AUTHENTICATION Honeypod has the ability to be used as an authentication system to receive tokens or buy online services using cryptocurrency. No need to revoke your wallet every time you need to buy a service, but a Honeypod is your authenticator that is connected to a wallet or identity. COMPLETE DATA MONITORING Complete access that monitors all data requests and third parties trying to access your device allows you to have real-time insights blocked, how many times they try to access you, and on which devices. SECURITY THROUGH BLOCKCHAIN ​​Utilizing Byzantine consensus algorithms, data, and secure and confirmed payment transactions preventing human-in-the-middle attacks, identity theft, credit card theft and loss of personal information. Token Info Token: HNY Platform: Stellar Type: Stellar PreICO price: 1 HNY = 0.0375 USD Price in ICO: 0.0500 USD Tokens for sale: 200,000,000 Investment info Min. investment: 1,500 USD Receive: BTC, ETH, XLM Distributed in ICO: 20% Soft cap: 2.000.000 USD Hard cap: 10.000.000 USD KYC: Ya Areas of Restriction: North Korea, Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen Team And Ramirez Advisor & Strategist Lano Williams Legal Counsel Eike Schram COO Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Alex Wild Partner Relationship Advisor CEO Danny Christ Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Stefan Bergström Ketua Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Bryant Maroney PENCIPTA HONEYBOX Ohad’s Flinker Marketing Roadmap Roadmap HoneyPod To find out the latest information about the HoneyPod project you can visit the link below: Website: https://honeypod.org Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/6w2kpua Telegram: https://t.me/honeypod Email: support@honeypod.org Twitter: https://twitter.com / gethoneypod Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gethoneypod Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/honeypod/ Username: COB Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500