one might think understanding the difference between the USofA vs the U.S. is not the most important, foundational issue to all North American politics until one investigates why there has been "A Loss of Legal Memory of the American State". And why should a "way-showing mission" of a set-apart ecclesia of royal-priests care about either the U.S. or the American State? What if it is simply a matter of trust for peacemaking? Where is one going to declare one's "trust" for peace with the U.S.? If one can't do it as a volunteer under the U.S., then what alternative "outside the U.S." is possible for an armistice to negotiate peace? #america #unitedstates #unitedstatesofamerica #americanrepublic #peace
a "untied states" citizen is an ENEMY of the American Republic by statute. they are NOT men on the land, but contractual sureties to foreign banking interests. they are thieves, murders and destroyers of the future... ignor-ance of the truth is the reason people keep perpetuating the lie and remain victims of a trap of indentured servitude to foreign banksters. its time to come out of this insanity. and the only way out is reading a book. u.S.ofA. vs U.S. - loss of legal memory of the american state (audio by professor Kegley and ebook at the following link) - https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/928334272554008576/feed