HUBRISONE ENSURING SECURITY IN CRYPTOCURRENCY HUBRISONE banking platform is a new economic system that is built on the blockchain technology which makes it a decentralised system. The platform has in view the goal to achieve secure digital account and card management. They want to ensure that those that patronize the crypto currency world or intend to do not get scammed or cheated. One step they have taken into account is to ensure that every user of their platform has a secure digital account. For the fact that HUBRISONE is built on a blockchain technology it will enable most if not all the security protocols associated with the blockchain technology. They intend to bring the traditional bankers that is users of fiat ecosystem from that world to the digital world ensuring them with security, transparency and safety. In the process they serve as the network between crypto currency, blockchain and the traditional bank system. Apart from that, the platform found it important to create a new virtual card for their users which they can use online to make purchases. Unlike the traditional banks where you have to go to the bank to order a credit card or Automated teller machine card (ATM card),in HUBRISONE you can directly order a card from the mobile app on the users phone. Have it in mind that HUBRISONE will be ensuring the safety of your assets and make it easier for you to travel between both worlds as you can link your card to your HUBRISONE bank account as well your crypto currency wallet. In a sentence you need only one card to operate all accounts, no need to carry a chunk of ATM cards in a physical wallet. FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HUBRISONE PLATFORM,ICO, TOKEN AND MOBIE APP VISIT