3 Benefits and 5 Point Plus from VANTA Assalamualaiakum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh. Gotchaaaa !! https://vanta.network/ We know that in the entertainment industry it takes a lot of sacrifice and requires a very appropriate time to rise again in fame. But, we all also need strong information to create a scheme that is worth doing. Now we can see that VANTA is a great platform to express yourself in transition to become an entertainer in the fields of Music, video and Games. VANTA provides easy access to all its users and this is something that fans of Contents Creators are waiting for all over the world. An excellent masterpiece and this will make motivation for all those who always support the VANTA project. VANTA aims to be the world's first decentralized network that enables fast and low cost development and operation of scalable services that provide infinite connectivity. Here it has been explained that VANTA will aim to make the palltform better, faster and more efficient for connectivity. So, you can say that Connectivity here is a network between one another and communicating. We know that Youtube has a large community and is certainly trusted in all circles, ranging from babies to adults. Lots of content provided by Youtube, for example animated videos, tutorial cartoons, music, science fiction etc. VANTA will provide solutions to our everyday problems. VANTA will also provide a more appropriate solution for everyone in terms of software and hardware needed by everyone in their daily lives in carrying out activities, both creating music, video or business together with VANTA. VANTA will provide solutions to our everyday problems. VANTA will also provide a more appropriate solution for everyone in terms of software and hardware needed by everyone in their daily lives in carrying out activities, both creating music, video or business together with VANTA. Vanta has now also accumulated a lot of sales of tokens in the form of Ethereum. To sell VANTA tokens you can check everything here: https://vanta.network/TokenSale. When I wrote this Blog I saw 193 Ethereum collected in the Ethereum VANTA wallet. ETH Address: 0x0a019b17248A2a936882f5924902063bbbd43748. This will be a good start for VANTA to continue selling VANTA tokens. I fully support for VANTA and this is a project that is specifically awaited for South Koreans and generally for deunia allies except China which has received a blacklist in this project. You can also learn more to understand more about the VANTA project because here we have a lot of mistakes about cryptocurrency, so it's better if you have an understanding of the VANTA project so you just go to the telegram group here : https: // t. me / vantanetwork. Because there are so many proverbs that say "ashamed to ask astray on the road". We better ask all about this project to the admin on the Telegram and it will be clear to you if you have a question problem with the VANTA project. Okay, we start with the advantages and benefits provided by VANTA. Surely everyone who reads the Blog asks. - What are the benefits that VANTA gives us? - How much money does VANTA give us? - What guarantee does VANTA give us? The VANTA team has created everything easier, simpler and more efficient for grouping functions and this can be seen from the grouping of functions, namely for: Developers, Users, and Organizations. For the development team it's also very easy to provide services 24/7. Here also the development team can adapt to all the problems faced because this is a great masterpiece given by VANTA. Users can be more flexible in terms of utilizing the latest VANTA technology because Vanta provides low fee charging and speed in each transaction. Organizations are also good to be established on the VANTA platform because surely this organization also needs speed in terms of telecommunication, the power to build cooperation and surely this is also needed by all groups of companies or the government. VANTA provides a wider and better space in terms of providing a platform for building cooperation for the Group, Government and Organizations. This is the topic and purpose of discussing VANTA because it is impossible to project without vision and mission. In terms of quality and quantity, VANTA has a goal in terms of media as the best bridge to achieve something most valuable. There is a division of 5 functions from VANTA so that VANTA can be used in everyday life: 01 Communications 02 Streaming 03 Games 04 Internet of Things 05 Telecommunication Infra 01 Communications: Very necessary in terms of projects and this is definitely also very necessary to build a high and classy project. VANTA has adopted this matter and this must be continued by VANTA so that VANTA can become a successful project that can be listed in the same exchange as UPbit, Bittrex and Binance. 02 Streaming: Very much needed when people today or can be called millennial times as it will always be thirsty in streaming videos, from small children to adults, all of them will always be streaming, whether it's shaped, cartoons, lessons, videos or music. 03 Games: For young people, this is definitely the best choice for now as a freelancer, because many young people are successful because of their skill in playing games, then uploaded on platforms like Vidio.com, Youtube.com or Vimeo.com. Vanta also began to provide scope for jobs that take shelter in terms of video media and all of them can be accessed in the game category on the VANTA project. 04 Internet of Things : The whole world will be easily connected and easy to communicate with each other using the internet, I also might not know VANTA if I don't have internet. LOL Here VANTA gives something of value to all internet users and this is definitely the best reason to choose VANTA as an Internet of Things platform. 05 Telecommunication Infra: Here it can be seen that from this purpose it is to create a centralized and easy ID system to understand in terms of a combination of systems that use the VANTA platform. Provide hospitals with so many patients, rooms and all types of medicines must be integrated in a platform that must be safe, comfortable and fast. so VANTA has key access and this is the best way for VANTA to be able to contribute in terms of the Hospital, Government and other Organizational systems. https://vanta.network/ The system provided by VANTA is very simple and easy to understand by beginners and we can also provide this project as a new media platform that can be a real rival for Youtube, Vimeo and Vidio. In other words VANTA will continue to grow in the world of cryptocurrency. Here also I can conclude that VANTA is: - Support in terms of communication. - Support in the world of Internett of Things - Supporting Infra Telecommunications - Developers, Users and Organizations have one container on the VANTA platform. ========================================= This is the link to view VANTA Project: Official Website : https://vanta.network/ Whitepaper : https://vanta.network/doc/VANTA_White_Paper.pdf Bitcointalk Ann : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5095100 Telegram : https://t.me/vantanetwork Bitcointalk Bounty : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5097980.0 ========================================= My Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1276250 id Bitcointalk : damsix My Telegram : @dam_six My MEW : 0x176D3D99BebD91F4Acec3B804D911CcA1D0483a7
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