They STOLE our HOME through OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE, CORRUPTION, PERVERTED the RULE OF LAW, VIOLATED my HUMAN RIGHTS, TORTURED me and held me until I Plead GUILTY to DAMAGING my HOME. I was taken from Court on January 4, 2018 and HELD without BOND and TORTURED in the Gwinnett County Detention Center and WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN RELEASED if I HAD NOT PLED GUILTY to damaging MY HOME. I was terrified every minute for 9 weeks and lost over 40 pounds. I would have agreed to anything to prevent from being kept there for YEARS to go to TRIAL like so many others. Upon arrival from Court to the Jail, I WAS STRIPPED NAKED AND PUT INTO A GLASS CELL FOR 4 days FREEZING to start to break me. I had emailed the USDOJ/FBI begging them to send an agent or attorney to the Gwinnett County Courthouse to prevent from what was being done to me from happening. I have contacted them many times since being released to reinstate human rights and the rule of law but they refuse for some reason. I was scared to death to go to court, but went anyway to prevent getting in trouble for not doing what I was supposed to do. I was attacked 3 times and could not believe I walked out of there alive. Previously I had reported these CRIMEs to every level of law enforcement and to this date I don't even have a written report. From the Attorney General to the Governor even Johnny Isakson the Senior Senator in Georgia could care less. I have provided ALL of the EVIDENCE to the FBI/USDOJ but they refuse to enforce the RULE OF LAW. I never thought it would be this hard to report simple FRAUD and CRIMES that are all self-evident. But when there is corruption from stem to stern in "Our" Judicial System this is the result. As I stood in court at the dispossessory hearing I could not believe that they were going to allow these criminals to break all the lending laws that I had learned about and reported and give them our home. I told the Judge that there was MASSIVE FRAUD in the Real Estate Records in this very courthouse and he simply stated, “Not my Jurisdiction”. Then he ASKED "DO I WANT TO LEAVE BY THE DOORS TO THE JAIL BEHIND HIM!" This was not the first time nor the last that I was THREATENED WITH ARREST for reporting CRIME. The other time that I was ESCORTED out of the courthouse from the Recorder's Office was when I told 2 Deputy Sheriffs, "I want to file FELONY FRAUD CHARGES" while pointing at my Deed. He told me to "Call the Police". Which I did, again. Because of this they have enabled the criminals to continue to make families homeless illegally. After I was released from Jail the first time I went to the Courthouse to inform the Chief Judge what was occuring and I was threatened with arrest again for trespassing while simply sitting in a chair with my eyes closed and praying. We had simply asked M&T Bank, Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC and their “attorney” Rubin Lublin, LLC to provide us with the amount in writing so that we could WIRE THEM THE MONEY ASAP to PAY in FULL to reinstate our loan. Instead they waited months to provide the amount which more than Tripled their verbal amount just months prior. They were adding double and triple our entire payment every month in bogus charges. While waiting on them to provide the amount in writing since there were so many different amounts provided verbally I discovered they had NOT been posting payments when made and adding THOUSANDS in BOGUS charges EVERY MONTH prior. If the accounting had ever been properly adjusted they actually owed us money instead of the other way around, but they don’t have to follow GAAP or the LAW. To this day M&T Bank/Freddie MAC/Bayview Loan/Rubin Lublin, LLC have not provided ANY ACCOUTING in writing or our excess funds. Why should they adhere to any rules or laws when there will never be consequences for their actions. There was a Middle Eastern man that attended the court hearings with Ronald Buice the “straw buyer” and family member of the foreclosing "Law Firm", LLC) that told my wife and I that the "real buyer" was the Middle Eastern man standing beside him. We have asked the Court to identify the real buyer but they refused. This could have easily been cleared-up by providing proof of funds of who paid and when they paid. They had not even recorded a Deed but were there to disposes us of our home. Later they did record a Deed but it DID NOT meet the Legal Requirements to be allowed to be recorded. I even spoke directly to the Gwinnett County Clerk of Courts and his response to the EPIC FRAUD in his RECORDER'S office was, "If you think the fraud in my records is bad you should look at the other counties." I told him I had and I agree with him. (https://www.gsccca.org/) This is besides the FRAUDULENT DEED Bayview Loan Servicing/Lakeview Loan Servicing/M&T Bank in direct consultation and full authority of Freddie Mac had already recorded. To this date we have not been provided the excess funds from the sale of our home nor any accounting from Freddie Mac, M&T Bank, Bayview Loan Servicing, Lakeview Loan Servicing or their "attorney" Rubin Lublin, LLC. The Gwinnett County District Attorney HELD ME IN JAIL without bail or an ATTORNEY and worked with the CRIMINALS because they submitted INVOICES IN BOTH THEIR NAMES as EVIDENCE. The names of the straw buyer Ronald Buice and the "real buyer" Hamid Bakhtiari asked the Court to have me to replace shingles, clean the gutters, and even dumpsters to remove our belongings (NOT VACANT). This same District Attorney previously had REFUSED to "get involved" with MASSIVE FRAUD in the Gwinnett County Courthouse. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wjmsiz8t038otkq/AAB90MsnQFfHxr1WEzyI2eI4a?dl=0 After I was initially arrested I was held for several weeks and NEVER saw an attorney or spoke to him even though I left several messages at his office. I was NOT ALLOWED to see my WIFE or MOTHER because I was being kept on 23+ hour per day SUPERMAX Lockdown for 3 weeks. Finally when I was brought to “Court”, which just meant meeting “Jonathan Aurelia for 15 minutes upon which he stated that if we were not evicted the charges would be dropped because I had the LEGAL RIGHT to be there. We went to the courthouse and brought back the documents that stated under penalty of PERJURY that the day after my arrest the eviction had been cancelled because the home was VACANT. I called the attorney and emailed him and never heard from him again until he emailed me 4 months later stating that he HAD FILED paperwork to stop being my attorney. That was a lie because he did not file the paperwork until a week later. "My first Attorney" was at my Indictment hearing to sit and whisper in the ear of Donald Geary, the new lawyer appointed to stand-up and state “Not Guilty”. My wife and I were made to leave the courtroom because it was CLEARED so that the attorneys and Judge could work in SECRECY. While waiting in the lobby to speak to Donald Geary he finally emerged from the closed courtroom to state that he was no longer going to represent me. Then Joseph L. Randazzo, Jr. came out and didn’t want my wife to hear what he had to tell me, but she did anyway. He was literally standing in my face cussing me and telling me how he didn’t give a "SHIT" about me, didn’t care to hear any of the facts because none of them mattered. I told him about the fraudulent deed and that the new deed did not meet the state requirements to be allowed to be recorded, that our home had not been sold at the courthouse publicly as required by law because when I inquired about the excess proceeds from the Sheriff's office I had been told that our home had been sold privately not publicly as required by law and to get them from the "Attorney's", LLC. Randazzo told me he was a tough guy that he was not going to take anything from anyone especially not me. Since I was sitting and he was standing over me and in my face I invited him to sit in the chair beside me he stated, “Don’t tell me what to do”. Randazzo later sent a letter stating, that I have no legal defense and "...surely be convicted of some or all of these alleged charges and if you are convicted you can fully expect to serve time in jail." (https://www.dropbox.com/s/4a3aprb9ea4fxqf/Letter from Randazzo.) Later Randazzo took a voicemail I left him stating that if he was so tough and not scared of anything then let’s go to the FBI/USDOJ and provide them with the documents and evidence which is all in writing. He took these voicemails to the Judge who gave them to the prosecutor and locked me up again and kept him as my attorney even though he was “scared” for him and his family’s safety. Randazzo sat smiling at me like a Cheshire Cat from across the courtroom as I put on the record that Sgt Culberson in this very courthouse told me our home was sold PRIVATELY not PUBLICLY as REQUIRED BY STATE LAW and I would have to contact Rubin Lublin, LLC to get our excess FUNDS. For the record I am a devout Pacifist and Christian and have never touched ANYONE in my life. It is impossible for me to write about all of this because I am so emotional and can't believe this has been done to us. Randazzo letter to me AFTER HE had my Bond REVOKED but REMAINED my "attorney" AFTER he HAD ME PUT IN JAIL! https://www.dropbox.com/s/cnqwzei353o55vc/Randazzo STILL MY LAWYER AFTER GIVING JUDGE AND PROSECUTOR EVIDENCE AGAINST ME.jpg?dl=0 (http://www.fakedforeclosuresales.com/august) Rubin Lublin, LLC NOT Foreclosing on a home with VIDEO PROOF in another case. It is against both State Statute and County Ordinance for an law firm to be a LLC but they can and will do anything because the rule of law is null and void. https://law.justia.com/codes/georgia/2016/title-14/chapter-7/section-14-7-2/ If you depend on "Law Enforcement" or the Judicial System to protect your PROPERTY, FAMILY or HUMAN RIGHTS like I did, you better think again. I am scared they are going to throw me back in Jail and/or Prison. I started off to report CRIME but have UNCOVERED MASSIVE CORRUPTION that is allowed to continue to make families HOMELESS ILLEGALLY to this very day. They are enabled by EVERY LEVEL of LAW ENFORCEMENT as ALL is PROVED in WRITING without ANY INPUT from me. I have OFFERED for YEARS to provide ALL the EVIDENCE to ANY FEDERAL JUDGE or GRAND JURY since the FBI/USDOJ REFUSES to simply take a report and INVESTIGATE SELF EVIDENT CRIMES. This is just the beginning of an article which will focus on the Corruption from stem to stern in our Judicial System. Part 1 of the Article can be found at: http://progressive.org/magazine/home-wrecker-abusive-mortgage-servicer-transforms-neighborhoods/ Here are a few easy to understand examples: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pycwhamokholla7/Just a few examples that are easy to understand. Truth to Power? M&T Bank/Bayview EVIDENCE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/49sihw4o6m5kwkr/AABqZ32LENrEPTz_o1_CPD9Ya?dl=0 #sausagegate #justice #foreclosure #JESUS #corruption