Reel 2 of the Revenge Is Sweet mix. Fortunately, John Golden tended to label things clearly, unlike us. (The multitrack masters of these songs are largely missing, because, I suspect, they weren't labelled or identified in any way and no one knew whom they belonged to to even try to return them wherever they may have been left; possibly they're in someone else's tape archive with no way of knowing. Or, in landfill. I wish I'd paid more attention to this labelling issue at the time, but, you know, it wasn't my job.) Anyway, as you can see "You Alone" was originally in the album sequence, and was replaced with "I Don't Need You Now" (which was recorded later, in Bob Couver's laundry room, probably a last-minute addition.) I don't recall exactly why it happened but I'm glad it did, if only because of the slight sonic diversity that resulted. Also it's a good song. But "You Alone" is pretty good too, and it was fine as one of the B side tracks for the "...and I Will Be with You" single. (We're gonna have to figure out something to do with all those non-album tracks that are going to be "orphaned" as well... you know, they're shards as well, basically.) "You Alone": "I Don't Need You Now": Anyway, all that said: "Hell of Dumb" vs. "Sorry for Freaking out on the Phone Last Night"? #music #vinyl #tapes #mtxforever #minds
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