THE CLASS APARTHEID OF THE BRITISH MEDIA The British people voted to leave the European Union mainly because they were worried about the mass importation of Muslim immigrants, but 'Britexit' and Islamic Immigration are just two symptoms of a sickness that has been at the heart of British culture for nearly a thousand years. From the Norman invasion to Tony Blair's illegal wars in the Middle East, the British Elites have only ever had contempt for the people whose lives they hold, so carelessly, in their hands. Nothing reveals that systemic contempt of the Global Elites more than the way the British mass media (The Fake News Industrial Complex) have dealt with the voices raised against the European Union and mass Islamic immigration. On the one hand, people with a middle class background and posh accents can say what they like but if you are unfortunate enough to have a working class background, if you speak up against the official narrative, you will be shouted down, slandered by the media, hounded by the police and subjected to state sponsored violence.