And.. your Friday morning "Hitler..." Yes, it's back, because this just came in, a swell rendition of my much-covered old song "Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend" by our own @laurenbanjo, which she recorded as a sort of commemoration to mark one year of MTX fandom. (She discovered the band through the Turn It Around film, started listening, and came to see us the first time in Brooklyn last year. Since then she's been a rather prominent presence in the MTX-o-sphere. Hard to believe it's been only a year.) I really dig this arrangement and performance. The song sure does lend itself to that triplet figure going down to the relative minor chord, something that never occurred to me before, and she throws in a couple of cool chords that also never occurred to me till hearing them. Kind of brightens up the place. I've heard many people do this song and this is my favorite yet, including mine. Well done, Banjo! Also, while I'm at it: three cheers for female voices singing "male" songs (and vice versa). That's way more interesting than just trying to flip it, and nearly always works on me, as it does here. The image, a kind of parody of the cover of the album this song first appeared on, is from a picture snapped by Kepi and posted on Instagram; the layout was done by Klode Maloon. It was one of those spontaneous internet things. Original: #music #hitler #covers #minds