Are you curious why the french president Macron wants a european army ? The answer lies in the New Communist Manifesto written by Altiero Spinelli (scroll down and read the manifesto). This is the plan for uniting europe. And the will to complete it was manifested by the leaders of the largest european countries. This is a plan presented in Lenin`s 1901 schema for the Bolshevik revolution fought by a party of professional revolutionaries against the will of their societies Assertions that the acts of european politicians are removed from reality, and that they don`t listen and don`t understand the voices of their societies don`t make any sense. European politicians are pursuing a conscious policy that is thought trough and consequent . You could say "painfully consequent". It is even more consequent because european politicians not only know how to , but also cannot act in a different way.Because if - in europe since the signing of the treaty of Maastricht - there is a revolution that MUST be socialist, then that means that socialist europe must be heading for an economic catastrophy and misery. European societies, accustomed to prosperity, must faced with that misery, revolt against politicians who for half a century provided them with that prosperity. But the only tool that can stamp out that revolt is terror. Karl Marx knew it, Vladimir Lenin knew it and the communist Altiero Spinelli knew it- The leaders of socialist europe knows it as well. Therefore, faced with a crisis, they return to his program. Because the choice is simple. Either they manage to create enough agents and means in order to introduce , within the individual countries in the union, decrees issued in furtherance of keeping the general order, or the mob of disappointed parasites will wipe the parasitic elites from the face of the earth ! NEW COMMUNIST MANIFESTO : 1. Final abolition of the borders dividing europe into sovereign countries. 2. Adequazy and realization of every single point of the program has to be examined from the point if view of it`s accordance with indisputible condition of europen unity- and this means from the point of view of the indisputible condition of abolishing borders dividing europe in sovereign countries. 3. There must be an end put to the economic self-sufficiency which is a backbone to totalitarian regimes 4. It`s about the creation of a federal state that stands on it`s own and is endoved with a european army instead of national armys. During the Ventotene meeting the french president once again reminded his audience of the necessity for the creation of a european army. What would the purpose of such a european army be ? What would it be intended to defend europe from ? Fron Russia, from whom France wanted to sell Mistrals (ships) and with whom germans built North Stream ( Gas pipeline ) ? he answer is in the next sentence. 5. The need for the sufficient agents and means to introduce in the individual states of the federation decrees issued in the furtherance of keeping the general order. And that means, in normal language: MARTIAL LAW.known in Poland as : A state of war. 6. The new country and with it a new, real democracy will be created thanks to the dictatorship of the revolutionary party. And finally - in case someone might have doubts : 7. The european revolution has to be socialist. #politics #communism #europeanunion #EUarmy #minds
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