**MY PAGE HAS BEEN BANNED!** Facebook has gone ahead and unpublished my page "A New Kind Of Human" which had 777,414 followers. It also had strong reach on the page where MILLIONS of people around the world each week were seeing my posts. Before anyone decides to speculate, I would like to make it VERY CLEAR that I never had any fake profiles (alias accounts) on my page and the 2 admin accounts (myself and my dad for backup) that were on there were both verified by geographic location and phone number as requested by Facebook. I would like to also make it VERY CLEAR that the ads on my website were coming directly from FB and Google, so there can be no claim of trying to redirect people to "ad farms" or anything outlandish like that. I would like to also make it VERY CLEAR that I have a higher standard for my research than I have seen in either the mainstream media or the alternative media. I ALWAYS list sources and citations where logically needed for my followers to FACT CHECK my claims and I always try to treat the process of investigative journalism like a court of man made law — It's not about what you think you know, it's only about what you can prove. And finally, I would like to make it VERY CLEAR that I was not pushing a particular political ideology or favoring any government over another, I think they are ALL FULL OF SHIT and people should be empowered to rule over themselves, not indoctrinated to love their oppressors who are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing. Not saying they are all indeed bad, but at the highest levels they are corrupt as hell. We need to learn to lead ourselves and we all need to take responsibility for creating a better world. This happening is extremely frustrating and disheartening for obvious reasons, but I started doing this almost 10 years ago and it's been a fight the whole entire way. When I started, I was about as tech savy as an 80 year old great granny, and it took me hours, days, weeks, months and years of self education and research to learn how to use social media to try and create positive change. But I knew in order for me to help people (that obviously wanted to be helped) social media was the way to go. So I worked my ass off on the good days and the bad. This includes when I was jobless, when I was living in poverty, when I went to bed hungry, when I didn't even have a car, lived in a little ghetto ass flat infested with fucken ticks and crime, and when my whole life was fucken falling apart, I STILL SPREAD KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH BECAUSE THAT IS WHY I BELIEVE I AM HERE IN THIS CRAZY ASS WORLD. So if they think this is gonna discourage me, they've got another fucken thing coming! I will continue to write blogs, make videos, give public talks, and I am working on a book as we speak. The people of this world need unadulterated knowledge and verifiable truth, because without it we are lost in the darkness of ignorance, and this makes us easy to manipulate by those who have no moral compass. I have been a fighter all of my life — since I was just a little kid — It is in my nature and it is who I am, and I am proud of that. But where once I was fighting against bullies, or people that had attitude problems, I one day realized that they were victims in their own right. They too, were just victims of a system that breeds hate, intolerance, ignorance, division, frustration, and desperation, which then leads people to project these things onto one another. It is organized chaos. Meanwhile, those who hide the Knowledge and Truth needed to remedy this madness in our society, and those who deliberately and methodically turn us against one another, live incomprehensible life style's of overt luxury without contributing anything meaningful that benefits the world. No, they are fucken parasites who knowingly exploit the innocent; they are bullies that intentionally feed on the vulnerable; they are vultures that destroy the planet; and for lack of a better word, they are fucken EVIL. This is not a conclusion I have arrived at our of bigotry or prejudice, it is a well researched verifiable immutable Truth arrived at through incessant research that few people are willing to pursue and earn. They do not do what they do out of lack, or desperation, or ignorance, like the common criminal, they do it because they are fucken predators. These mass deletions of accounts are because they are fearful my friends. And they should be, because this world belongs to all of us, not to a small minority of corrupt psychopathic families and their associates who are holding us back from creating a better world. And when we start to truly figure that out — which will only come about as the result of free flowing UNCENSORED information rooted in Knowledge and Truth — then the world will no longer reflect the will of this elitist minority who are the true root cause behind all of this unending war, mass exploitation, insane amounts of ignorance and stupidity dominating society, and all the mess associated with what is academically recognized as "Structural Violence," or as I prefer to call it, artificial scarcity. They can delete our accounts, they can censor our information, and they can even imprison, publicly smear, and assassinate our true leaders, as they have over the centuries, but they can NEVER EVER kill the Truth! It's gonna take time for me to build a following here on Minds, but I just want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to my early followers on here, I will continue to work hard at helping to empower you with unadulterated Knowledge and verifiable Truth! One Love ✌️ #freespeech #facebookpurge #censorship #anewkindofhuman #gavinnascimento