Wodensdæg, Wodensdæg, here again, and that means yet another song, for Odin, from me, along with some brief comments (the "minor secrets revealed" of custom and legend.) https://youtu.be/zny7Ohc_eOs What we have here is "I Was Losing You All Along," originally an unfinished out-take from the Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You sessions then patched together for the ...and the Women Who Love Them CD compilation, and now re-mastered for the Shards collection. (It's on the volume 1 LP, included, obviously, in the Shards double CD and the digital thing.) Allow me to quote myself, from the Shards liner notes: 'As originally conceived, this song was intended to be the grand finale track of Revenge Is Sweet and so Are You -- the album title appears as a lyric in the bridge. In the event it never quite "gelled" in the studio and we didn't have the time (nor, arguably, the talent) to do it justice so it was abandoned unfinished. Kevin Army and I did what we could with it several years later to make it presentable for the ...and the Women Who Love Them CD compilation. It was during this session at Shark Bite studios in Oakland that Al Jardine poked his head in to say: "that bass sounds a little picky... not to be, you know, picky"-- lending a Beach Boy's support to the tone side in our ongoing argument over how trebly and stringy the bass should be. While the recording isn't perfect, this is still one of my favorites among my songs, and I'd love the chance to re-do it properly one day, or to hear someone good do a cover of it. The reprise of the guitar line from Milk Milk Lemonade's "See It Now" was intended to link those two albums together on the basis of some no doubt pretentious rationale I've since forgotten.' Yeah, that Al Jardine story really happened. I'll only add that this master tape, along with most of the tapes that were pulled from the archive to be worked on for the two CD comp re-issues, has, as far as I can tell, disappeared. I say "as far as I can tell" because the tapes of this period are very poorly labelled, if at all; I appear to have two of seven Revenge Is Sweet reels at present, and though it is anyone's guess what songs are on them, it's a pretty safe bet that the one containing "I Was Losing You..." will have been one of the ones removed from the archive, since we recorded on it at Sharkbite ca. AD 2000. My best guess as to what happened is, we left the tapes at the studio, they got kicked and shuffled here and there and finally someone accidentally took them home (them being, as I've said, only rudimentarily labelled) or they just got thrown away. Another possibility is, these sketchily labelled tapes wound up in somebody else's bins after the Lookout archives were dispersed (through the Turn It Around / Jingle Town process) to individual bands. Whatever happened to them, for all practical purposes, they don't exist. Missing masters are a soul-freezing tragedy per se, even in cases where it's unlikely you'd ever find the occasion to make use of them in any practical way. While on some level, I'd like the chance to have a crack at doing a better mix of "I Was Losing You..." the track is pretty much set, as much "released" as it needs to be, and probably for good. It's fine. But the knowledge that doing so is 100% precluded will continue to haunt me all my days. And that goes for the whole Revenge Is Sweet album as well. Maybe it doesn't absolutely *need* remixing, but whether it does or it doesn't, it matters not because outside of whatever happens to be on those two reels, it's simply 100% impossible. This kills me. However, for what it's worth, we do have this song in its current state, and it will simply have to do. Whatever its flaws, I like it. Dina made the video. (Nothing wrong with the public domain Cary Grant film archive, thank God.) Adding it to the "Official and Semi-Official Music Videos" list, because official is a official does, bringing the total to 14: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLommF46BbnAQlVZqOGj-jLXdaGpc3XJ4B You may find Shards product here: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/c31/ShardsCollection Sounds Rad is sold out of the label-reserved copies for the vinyl edition of both volumes, but you can still find them in scattered stores, and at a few online retailers. There's a list here: https://www.soundsradical.com/ Finally, Interpunk still seems to have both volumes in stock, and is, as far as I know, the only place where volume 1 can still be ordered: https://interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=247564 May Odin smile on you all and grant you victory in all your battles, and the wisdom to treat your vanquished foes with magnanimity and honor. #music #video #songs #punkrock #mrtexperience #mtxforever #carygrant #minds