People often ask me where I am from. I'm at a loss in the face of this question. I have been traveling continually for over seven years and would call no place home. I am from Spirit and my home is in my heart. I am home where I am. Home is not a geography and it never really was. People wonder how I get about without money and stuff. The truth that most people don't understand is that 'money' is a prison and 'stuff' is an anchor. Neither will create freedom as freedom is granted as a birthright. One either claims it or does not. People question how I remain so happy while I live in adversity and uncertainty. I am happy because my happiness is sourced from within and is not the result of any circumstance. I tell you, my friend, society is completely upside down. If you are conforming to the rules you were taught, you are missing the entire point. Set yourself free. <3