For many of us, Minds is now our social media home. Minds contains the free-thinkers and outcasts of social media. Its true. Those that are regularly on Minds get to see daily exactly what I am claiming. There are so many channels with a variety of beliefs and worldviews. Whether legit or borderline delusional, they dwell on Minds. Minds has flat-earthers, holocaust deniers, Truthers, alien abductees, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccine, environmentalists, and other activists, free-thinkers, Christians, atheists, spiritualists, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, and anarchists. Minds is the Baskin-Robbins of social media. Why are all of us on one social network? Our views and our convictions are unwelcome in the main stream collective of socialistic social media, so we congregate here. We are a legion of individuals fighting against the system that has restricted our freedoms and attempted to silence our screams. On Minds we can shout, whisper, or sing whatever we desire. On Minds we can live freely as our forefathers intended or our beliefs encourage. We prefer this status more than being a part of a mindless brainwashed collective conditioned to express only within unconstitutional perimeters. There is freedom on Minds that you will never find on other social platforms. Here we live like Kings! I am grateful for it’s creators and administrators - @Jack @Ottman and others. Thank you for this safe haven; this plot of freedom from where I can live free without fear of retribution or being silenced. I’m your Huckleberry. #philosophy #freespeech #minds