This is the solution I'm using. Disclosure: The referral link does help me out. https://honeyminer.com/referred/59mig #crypto Disclaimer: I have not tested any of the software for safety (e.g. ID theft or degradation of computer performance, etc.). Use at your own risk. Base site (doesn't change your mining results): https://honeyminer.com Definition: 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC (Bitcoin) Ok, so I've been playing around with various mining solutions since I cannot afford/obtain an Antminer or other sophisticated miner to mine coin. I have several older identical laptops with no graphics card running each one, so the comparison is like for like. In summary: Moonbit.co.in -> coinpot: can adjust CPU usage, but even with intense CPU use (and shutting down antivirus) I averaged 80 satoshi in a day. I could push this to maybe 100 or so if I claimed my coins every hour instead of twice a day, which is a pain due to the incessant CAPTCHA prompts which are sometimes tricky (check all the squares with cars in it, one square has the tiniest part of the front fender of the car. Select, sometimes works, sometimes not - seems random). Note: the claim moves credit to your coinpot account, from there you have to export to your wallet - that's when the transfer fees come in. Cryptotab browser: can adjust CPU usage, but yield on satoshi are even less than moonbit. Never tried to claim any coin; I think I have a couple pennies in there total. Honey Miner: Been running for one day at 25% CPU usage, 501 satoshi mined. One day, 1/4 power, compared to full power on the other two, yet over 5 times the yield. So far, so good. Still have to run this for a week before I have enough to export to my wallet, but I'll get there a lot faster this way than with the other two solutions. No captcha or interim claims, but yet to test withdrawing funds. At the bottom of the link is the FAQ, which happen to be some of the questions I actually wanted answered: https://honeyminer.com/referred/59mig PENDING: At some point I will reset one of my computers and use it to link a second account using the referral above to see if my primary account increases in output. Also have yet to test withdrawing to my regular wallet. UPDATE 9/2: second account tested. 36 hrs. on 2 PCs: 1227 Satoshi, about 34 Satoshi/hour 24 hrs. on 2 PCs plus one referral (referral running on a weaker PC): 1038 Satoshi, about 43 Satoshi/hour - definite increase. Also, I still have yet to test using Wireshark and some fake private information files to monitor to see if the software attempts to upload said data. I will post updates once I've had a chance to test. Preliminary conclusion: for effective mining of coin on your PC, use https://honeyminer.com/referred/59mig