Troll Station, Antarctica... August 16th, 2018... Again, provided proof, this is clearly NOT the moon nor the sun... Not only that, but this thing has some very strange path through the sky... And it's shape is weird also... This I believe is part of the incoming WORMWOOD system that is here to bring God's Judgement upon EVERY land and EVERY people.... This is merely my conjecture, you do not have to agree with it... But consider this.... Earthquakes are off the charts and in "DIVERS" places like NORTH SLOPE of Alaska, where they have NEVER EVER EVER appeared before and in ENORMOUS magnitudes, and swarming... Volcano's are erupting that have had ZERO activity in over a thousand years, some thought to be extinct... Sinkholes are appearing everywhere including the White House lawn.... Cracks opening up everywhere.... Hail the size of softballs is occurring at repeatedly like no other time in recorded history... Weather anomalies like never before in recorded history... The sun is so hot, your skin burns in less than 10 minutes.... Fireballs /// Meteors /// Asteroids are falling in NEVER EVER seen numbers in every part of the earth... Animal die off's have become so bad, scientists are calling it the 6th MASS EXTINCTION.... The sky and clouds look like NO OTHER time EVER in recorded history... NOTHING IS RIGHT, and you can feel it in your heart.... Something is coming..... And the world will NEVER be the same, and this is not just me, millions of others feel the same... NOW ADD ALL THIS TOGETHER.... And look at this picture, which as you can see, CANNOT be the SUN nor the MOON.... and be my guest, take the picture to one of those sights and ensure I have not fiddled with it, other than my elementary arrows... OR HECK.... LOOK FOR YOURSELF---------->