#YAMZU YAMZU - eSports Tournaments on the Blockchain https://private.yamzu.io/ Yamzu is a decentralized browser-based platform, which is based on the blockchain. The project is a kind of modern playgrounds for eSports tournaments. Any player can take part in competitions, taking advantage of decentralized project Yamzu. Yamzu is a unique platform that is browser based. Existing programs do not allow players to feel safe - most often, the data is not confidential, which leads to serious problems. The developers Yamzu take into account the research, which reveals a very interesting trend - a browser-based platform can provide a really high quality demanded by the project. Yamzu creators have been working on their project for a long time - they have already managed to create a huge customer base, as well as to get a significant profit - 2 years of work allowed to increase revenue by 300%. Purpose of YAMZU Platform It is worth highlighting some important factors: Teams, as well as individual players will have an excellent opportunity to fight for individual awards and excellent team prizes; Creating tournaments is a great opportunity for organizers, investors and large companies to promote their own brand; A great chance for sponsors and advertisers-given the global nature of the project, everyone will be able to advertise their products or services as efficiently and effectively as possible; Continuous development-today, Yamzu's decentralized platform can be used for tournaments on several popular games, but the developers are constantly working to expand this list. If investors want to support the project-the developers promise significantly updated Yamzu functionality. Vision Yamzu plans to branch out into several niches of the gaming industry - including but not limited to entertainment venues, talent agencies supporting Twitch, as well as streamers and segment-oriented clothing brands. In the long term Yamzu should be a major decentralized platform on which to carry out any соревнованияeSports, regardless of their skill level. At the same time, we are developing several separate projects based on Blockchain, they are directly related to the platform. With proper funding-all projects will be implemented in the near future. Yamzu intends to become a leading provider of eSports tournaments, one of which is associated with P2P (Peer to Peer) games, as well as with significant regional and global tournaments. The fact that Yamzu already supports the activity of the created platform gives hope to those investors who believed the developers and decided to invest in the project. In the future, we will work with game developers, forming a symbiotic relationship associated with the creation of new, unique projects. In addition, it is planned to develop a system for the introduction of new competitive disciplines - if the games will be popular among customers, the competition will be a prerequisite. At the same time, the developers of the decentralized platform are ready to open up new horizons to active users, as well as the creators of game content. He will be able to effectively monetize his own efforts, get rewards for his activities. Within the platform, cryptocurrency will become a payment instrument. Sponsorship and advertising Current revenue model adopted by most players in the industry. Huge, world-famous companies trying to promote their brands, allocate appropriate funds to sponsor certain competitions and tournaments (of course, this is a great opportunity to advertise your product and create a strong customer base). ESports companies raise money provided by sponsoring companies to create prize pools and encourage active players. Thus, it is not only an opportunity to attract customers to its decentralized platform, but also a chance to create an excellent advertising base for sponsors. Betting on eSport The eSports gambling system functions in the same way as the classic sports, everyone can make bets, taking into account the previous achievements of the players or their own knowledge in this segment. Viewers can bet in different categories-guess the winners of individual events, or predict who will be able to win the whole tournament. It is possible to make a bet in cryptocurrency - everything will depend on user preferences. How do the creators of the platform make money on this? On commissions, as well as lost bets - not everyone can win the competition forecasters. Existing challenge Players who take part in tournaments often do not receive their reward - there are many fraudulent schemes that allow you to bypass the contracts. The system is not perfect and needs upgrading. That is why the use of blockchain and its advantages is an adequate solution. Existing Solution Today Fully automated system Yamzu, guarantees players a timely payment, according to the signed smart contract. No errors or human factor - the system receives data that is locked inside the smart contract. Once the competition is over and the winner is determined-he can expect to receive his reward in the amount specified in advance. For more information and details, visit the links below: Website: https://private.yamzu.io/ WhitePaper: https://private.yamzu.io/Yamzu-whitepaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamYamzu Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yamzuesport/ Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4457997.new#new author: Rudavbintoro my Bitcointalk link profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2091432