DCC — top universal credit blockhain, linking government loans, as well as lending on absolutely different conditions At the moment, the traditional banking system is completely obsolete, as too many factors for which banks are forced to constantly raise interest rates on loans. Moreover, in non-developed countries, there is no such banking system, as people have enough money only for food, and they can not take loans. Solve these problems will help the world-scale project DCC Finance, which is designed to bring together on one platform all the world’s banks and exclude intermediaries. Having created a full-fledged and transparent database of clinics and banks, the cost of services will significantly decrease and consumer confidence will return to the previous level, since all information will be recorded in the blockhain and now there will be no more manipulations and insane rules, forcing users to accept the worst conditions. The current main problem is the lack of different proposals for different purposes of taking a loan . It all boils down to the fact that in such a system users give a high percentage, which the banks put in their pocket. This is a deadlock — in it the rich get richer, and the poor are forced to go bankrupt, or it is completely impossible to take out a loan.. There are simply no different trading conditions and everyone is forced to use this outdated system. It all boils down to the fact that under such a system users are forced to look for more risky, private organizations that give credit for a smaller percentage, but with greater risks. What will the new decentralization algorithm provide? The new decentralized DCCID system will register users. Each user will upload their personal data to the module. Next, the system will automatically select the appropriate credit system, depending on which industry the customer chooses a loan for. By standardizing all participants in the decentralized network on the same terms, smart contracts will make completely independent transactions within the ecosystem, in which everyone can be guaranteed to provide high-quality services by any bank connected via the connection API. The transparent data registry will store all the current client statistics, and you will no longer need to provide a previous credit history in traditional writing form. Distributed Credit Maintenance System When requesting credit data from the archive, a two-way identification algorithm will be used. Each bank, as well as any network user will have its own personal ID. the transmitted information will be securely encrypted by the AES symmetric algorithm, and it will be decrypted after receiving the request on the cloud server. Each bank will load data when working with all the clients in its own cell inside the blockhain, keeping the transaction History transparent. Blockchain -based Lending Business for two-way transactions This system is designed to form queries at once in hundreds of banks. Sending the correct query system completely removes data leakage, in which through the different nodes the analyzed data is provided by the intermediaries. For this will answer the module multi — party computation (MPC). In the future, this system will be integrated to the level of two-way transactions, they are needed for multi-threaded cooperation between different banks, combining traditional fiat and digital crypto-currencies, as well as various businesses. Advantages of new technologies in decentralization * Interdependence of any data between itself and in any form, since the monopoly will be eliminated. * Interaction between all areas of lending in which it was previously impossible to post new more efficient algorithms for lending interaction in different sectors. * Increasing the total profit of all types of business many times over. * State institutions will perform the right functions, and not try to steal from users their money ruining them. My mark The project plans to become a central credit platform, you can not doubt that the price of the token at the final stages of the ICO will begin to grow. I have not yet met on such a scale for a year projects of the credit sphere, all that I saw was aimed at a narrow specialization of a particular industry. The project receives 5 points out of 5, indicating that it corresponds to a successful project by 100%. Technical information Token name: DCC. Standard used Ethereum ERC 20. One DCC = 0.000073 ETH. Accepted currencies: BNB and ETH .Hard cap: 36,500 ETH .Soft cap: 14,500 ETH. Full token supply: 500000000. The road map will end in 2020. There are 13 people in the project team. Token will be added to the KuCoin exchange Website :http://dcc.finance Whitepaper: http://dcc.finance/file/DCCwhitepaper.pdf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DccOfficial2018/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/DccOfficial2018/ Telegram: https://t.me/DccOfficial Author: novikov433 Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1043836