#BUDDY - built a software and decentralized app with blockchain BUDDY is a platform for building decentralized software and software with blockchain that becomes very easy on the road and drives In times like today, many companies and industries compete to promote each other by developing different marketing theories and theories so that it becomes a product that will penetrate the different sectors and support it for one of the most prominent and often the most important Point is the development of technology, the more technological advances will be the most important step that must be able to master for all business and industry developers. BLOCK CHAIN ​​to be the challenge as well as the latest technological development to be confronted in the current era of globalization At present, many platforms offer the development and production of a blockchain-based application, but often have incomplete capacity and equipment and are too difficult to operate, making it only harder to implement industry owners in a truly feasible software for use. BUDDY has various advantages that can solve the above problems. BUDDY has some very complete features that will provide a very simple development process FEATURES BUDDY FEATURES Automation PipelinesOptimization of application development and implementation with more than 70 steps ready for use Sandboxes βA full preview and test environment that acts as an auto-instant app preview for each branch of code IntegrationPalet rich with special integration provides comprehensive support for many bunks GRID AutomationInfrastructure is decentralized to run unlimited automation tasks for application development DevOps MarketplaceApp store for developers of developers with solutions that automate application development BlockchainOpsObot bot automation is made for smarter, better and faster Blockchain apps Token Details : • Symbol: BUD • Pris: Et ETH = 0.0002 • Fully Token Supplies: Especially 300 M BUD tokens are distributed to the Sales Token BUD. The final value will depend on the bonus that will be used in General sales. • Provisions: BUD Tokens not sold under Public Sales will be mechanically broken in accordance with the distribution plan • Type: ERC: 20 • Emission level: No additional tokens have been created • Hard cap: 60,000 ETH Allocation of Token • ICO: 60% BUD Tokens created under ICO are awarded to suppliers who purchase tokens through their order platform • Team: 20% token is distributed to Team, so ICO token owners can ensure that their attention is in line with the BUDDY Team • Reserve Fund: 17% of BUD is reserved for new contributors, partnerships and initiatives, or burned if not necessary. Ensures BUD's long-term sustainability. • Advisor, Bounty: 4% • Airdrop: 1%. To ensure that Buddy token kick starts with a huge user base, 5,000,000 BUD tokens will be poured into Buddy's paying client. Use of Fund : Fundraising under ICO will be applied for Growth Progress and Decentralized Application System, equipped with GRID Individual and Shared Automation, Ops Dev Market, Creates Buddy Open Source and Techniques for Block-Chain Application Development: D App OS Distributing Block -Chain as Service Ops and Blocks. As with the growing SAAS trade, we also know that it is not enough to have a very large product. In order to ensure market success and ROI for BUD-token buyers, ICO will finance the implementation of its marketing plan. In addition, we want to be a place to learn the growth growth quality of current and future programmers, supported by free access to Buddy platforms (students and teachers). For more information please visit the following link : • Website : https://token.buddy.works/ • Whitepaper : https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf • ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3798597 • Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gitbuddy/ • Twitter : https://twitter.com/buddygit • Telegram : https://t.me/buddytoken Author : indri2018 My Bitcointalk Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2090355 Eth Address : 0xB5F88ffE31b8a40786F9C06236d1e10432d57976