Now that World Cup 2018 is officially underway in Russia, it will be interesting to see how the western media treat Russia now. What is also worth paying attention to, is whether or not any of the media will notice/ackowledge the 'soft disclosure' included in the World Cup logo. I first reported on this through my newscast, Cosmic Vision News when the logo was first released back in late 2013, if I recall. I immediately saw the message in this logo. Observe that the football/soccer ball is designed like a space ship. The shading of the windows clearly indicate that the ball IS a ship, with a window out to the stars. This could also be interpreted as being 3 separate ships, and the planets and stars between the ships may suggest that each ship comes from a different place, meaning more than one galactic family is reaching down to Earth at this time. There is a humanoid, with arms wrapped around the lower window, suggesting a humanoid figure inside the ship, and that at least some of our galactic neighbours have a very similar appearance to us. A star and a small planet are coming out of the ship (hinting at where the ship may be from??) Further down, there are planets and a star at the base perhaps suggesting that information was coming down to Earth from the stars and planets. Beside this are several planets There is a red stream coming down from the ship to the base of the logo (Earth?), suggesting that the stars were being brought to Earth. There is a human near the base of the logo reaching up to the stars. There are four circles between the 'information' stars and the human being. First small, then getting bigger as it gets closer to the 'Earth' (bottom of logo. Is this a hint that a 'lost' planet that has been far away from Earth is getting closer and bigger, approaching 2018?? Is this planet a link between humans and the star information? Over the head of the human, there is a single, big star. Is this suggesting: 1. The bigger cosmos within us? 2. The Divine Light that we are? 3. Our crown chakras are being 'tuned in' to the stars? 4. That we really are a GALACTIC star nation? 5. Something else? What is also noteworthy is the use of red and GOLD. The Russian flag is red with yellow. This however is a gold colour. This suggests to me that there is galactic assistance working with several international leaders, with Putin being among them, to help transfor Earth and its economy, perhaps to a gold, or asset-backed system of some kind. This COULD be yet one more reason why the western media is so obsessed with Russia-bashing. However, I believe Russia is trying to get a very distinct message out to the world at this time, and it is a message that can no longer be ignored. We are not alone, and that there have been civilizations interacting, on both a negative AND positive way. The positive members of our galacitic families appear to be in control at this time, and this would suggest why the global cabal is being exposed so much now, and why their plans seem to keep failing.