There were many stories when the regulars of gaming clubs and land-based casinos took loans and microloans to win back the money lost in the machines. On the Internet you can find a myriad of them, so now we are not going to talk about them. It will be about loans and loans on the Internet. Imagine the situation: the player lowers the last money in the video slot, is in a state of deep disappointment and anger, as a result, is determined to recoup and restore justice. Then he discovers that his Bankcard or e-wallet is empty and begins to think about where to get the money. Note that all this time the player is sure that everything that happened is an accident, and that if he is at least a small amount, he will undoubtedly win everything. It`s absolutely the wrong approach. So, exploring the Internet in search of easy money to play online, he discovers a lot of sites that give microloans on favorable terms at first glance. Then he makes out a loan for several thousand dollars, gets them on the wallet for half an hour and... again loses everything to the penny. Most likely, the brain will not want to keep such negative memories in memory. As a result, the player will forget about the loan taken for a while until he receives a corresponding reminder in the mail. Further, it turns out that several thousand dollars, which were kindly provided for playing in the casino, turned into several tens of thousands, which now certainly need to be given. An unpleasant story, isn`t it? You can reduce chanse of happening of such situations, if you`ll choose a reliable casino, You can choose it here you can find list of best casinos at .