Hello, Group First off i would like to say Thank You in advance for any help with these matters... #Lawsuits The first problem is the most recent, it started around May 24,2018 or that was when i started to notice things going south... The video platform Rumble.com is trying in every way, even illegal ways to not pay me my earned revenue. I had 1 video with over 62,900,000 video plays, according to their own built it video views calculator, i made over $270,000.00+ in just over 4 days. Some would say NO WAY! Way... This is not my first time being viral nor is it not possible to make that kind of money in a few days. I have clients that make millions from YouTube. I used to make over $700 a day from YouTube before they censored me, my 2nd. problem... I am very familiar with the Google 'CONTENT ID' System & have used it for very important clients such as Post Malone before his record deal, that i helped get him, being who i am... The SCAM to fuck me out of over $300,000.00 goes as high as the CEO of Rumble. I have emails, screen shots, etc. I can also prove that they started to attack me, my content, my channels on their platform. They even started to attack older content, videos that have been on their platform for over 5 years. They even had the balls to attack some of my clients content, even content referring to some of my brands, start-ups etc. They hung themselves so many times it's crazy, like they are seriously mentally ill... I can prove all of this, now what i need is help moving forward, as long as we win & i get what is owed to me, i am not greedy, fuck the money really, this is more of a principal thing for me now... I didn't draw first blood, they did. The last platform that tried to fuck me is no longer with US... That one was called vid.me but they hosted child porn & terrorist content. I just forwarded some links, screen shots,etc. (maybe) to my family that works on the federal level of law enforcement. I support cops, most of my family have LEO status, from local, county, state to federal & military... In fact i have/had a series of channels on YouTube under my brand, HighSpeedPursuits, those channels are currently in a state of suspension and have been for over 18 months... YouTube censored me & deleted over 40 of my channels, they did this illegally, completely, if we could just get some lawsuit started, i have no idea how to do that stuff... I have data as far back as 2006 maybe later then that. I started a dot com in Tacoma with Steve Kierstead, we had a monthly AdWords budget over $1,000,000.00 i can get the numbers real easy... I have the REAL numbers that prove that YouTube is not only ripping off the 'CONTENT CREATORS' but they are also ripping off the ADVERTISERS... This is why they are about to PULL ALL ADS in September, 2018... Anyways i am willing to split the money we recover, pay what ever, i just need guidance i have everything we need to WIN any case, lawsuit, etc. Believe that shit... I am also a celebrity in the music & entertainment field but check my videos, pics for more on all that... I am also offering a $50,000.00 reward for help with this, to get the BUZZ going... So below i guess i will post a few screen shots to further back all of this, etc... I guess hit me up in here, comment below, share this, upviote this please! THANK YOU! I am also the creator of @TheTalentBank that is in development... Mix Master Ace Since 1983... Tim Clark (SNN), CEO Something New Now Media Promotions Skype: somethingnewnow Email: [email protected] #Lawsuit #Google #Censorship #Money #ViralVideo #Media #Promoter #Rumble #RumbleVideo #RumbleVideoScam #RumbleVideoReward #FreedomOfSpeech #Illegal #FakeViews #Canada #CEO #Copyright #YouTube #YouTuber #FamousYouTuber #Celebrity #Win #MAGA #Help