Mas Sajady Admits He Works with Demons aka "Dark Sources"

I am a systembuster who stands in Christ. Where do you stand? I just defeated Mas Sajady in court, and now I can once again tell the truth about him.

This video plays the recording where Mas Sajady actually says, "I have dark sources that help me, that keep me safe." God, the Light, is not a "dark source." But demons are, so are Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, the Anti-Christ. By his own admission, Mas Sajady works with demons, Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan, the Anti-Christ...

In detail, if someone says they have "dark sources that help" them -- they have contracts with dark energy and are working with and via dark energy (demons, black magic, dark leagues, the Anti-Christ etc).

While novices might dismiss his comment or accept justifications for working with "dark sources", experienced light workers and anyone truly connected to God know this is a massive red flag. There is no need for anyone working with the Light to ever call upon dark energy or demons for assistance!

We are forming a class of dissatisfied clients for a class action lawsuit against fake prophet Mas Sajady. Visit:

For those who don't like to believe dark forces exist, what I will say is that it is safer to acknowledge they exist than denying them. By not acknowledging they exist you are at greater liability. The Light acknowledges all.


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Here is what I have found protects people against agents for dark forces. Dark forces are most easily able to gain access by getting people into contract with them. However, the contracts can be obtained through deception. I have found that two steps -- resetting your spiritual contracts and signing what I call a "Contract with God" works to protect people and clear falsely obtained contracts. More info at my webpage:


Universal Source, show me the Source-created solution for:

- Placing a protective layer of light around myself, my life, my loved ones, and my home

- Clearing all non-Light energies, known and unknown,

- Re-calibrating all frequencies in my being with the Universal Source,

- Releasing any failure to align by any part of my being,

- Summoning, replacing, or deleting all my records,

- Resetting all my Agreements through the Universal Source,

- Resetting all my Soul Decisions & Personal Compacts through the Universal Source,

- Resetting all my Gifts & Visitors through the Universal Source.

Thank you, it is done.


Universal Source, God, I am signing a contract with you that you are in charge of all my contracts, such that:

- All my contracts are Light contracts,

- You appoint, author, and sign all my contracts,

- According to my preferences,

- No side contracts!

- No backdoor contracts!

- No rogue parts accepting contracts!

- No vulnerable parts being beguiled or broken into,

- Indefinitely ascending on a positive, neutral or silent vibration,

- Default removal fully encapsulated.

And so it is! ~ Your Signature

Company podcast link (the timepoints are different than in the video, about 4 minutes earlier):