Debbie Peterson & the Wellness Gala Promoting Mas Sajady, Hitler Student & Dirty Sex Aficionado

Debbie Peterson and the Wellness Gala are giving Mas Sajady a platform to draw new victims into his alleged demonic cult. They have been warned about Sajady's regarding: Working with demons, his admiration for things about Adolf Hitler, encouraging suicide, apparent investigations, perverse sexual preachings, etc.

To date they have not made a public retraction of Sajady, or discontinued offering him a platform. This means that they are effectively continuing to promote him, his view on Hitler, suicide, demons, etc. Why would anybody promote someone with a record like Sajady? We welcome retractions.


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Polinsky v. Bolton affirms the right to publish public records.

Nygard v. Sajady affirms the right to free speech about public figure Mas Sajady’s business practices, products, and claims. Rev. S.



Admires Hitler

Admits he works with demons

Lies on the stand

Creates sick and suffering clients

Encourages suicide

Clients of his have taken their lives


We are forming a class action lawsuit. If you are a dissatisfied client of Mas Sajady, we would like to speak to you. Let's get our money back!


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