Facebook & Youtube Censorship -- Illuminati Agenda at Work? - New World Order?

Facebook's censorship is a bona fide problem -- one person was banned for saying there are only two genders. Now Youtube has banned my videos exposing con man sex guru Mas Sajady, who is promoted by shady porn stars Gail Thackray & Bridgetta Tomarchio. Are the Illuminati behind this censorship movement across internet sites?


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Censored on Youtube, some videos here:


Any use of copyrighted information done in accordance with Title 17 Section 107 of the U.S. copyright law, "fair use" principle.

Trivedi v. Lang affirms the right to free speech about a public figure's business claims and practices. Trivedi decision:

Hoff v. Moore affirmed the right to convey true information about a public figure to a third party regardless of intent: “Regardless of the motivation of the messenger, if the information conveyed is true, it is not appropriate for liability to attach.” Hoff decision:

Polinsky v. Bolton affirms the right to publish public records.

Nygard v. Sajady affirms the right to free speech about public figure Mas Sajady’s business practices, products, and claims. Rev. S.


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