I don't believe in coincidences,I am more attuned to the fact that everything is for a reason.Its only through my own personal experiences in life that have led me to this conclusion, hence my story. I was sitting on the beach taking in the sounds of laughter from the children playing, with the ocean creating a serene backdrop. I notice a man with a uneasy walk trudging along the waters edge.He was aided by a women with a straw hat.I assumed this maybe a caring relative or a minder.As he drew nearer ,it became obvious he was autistic.i was really curious with observing him as I understoid through a partially autistic friend of mine that autism brings with it amazing gifts. To my amazement he stopped in front of me and proceeded to enter the water.It occurred to me at this point,he had the whole beach to access and here he is entering right in front of me.My curiosity rose. He continued wading in up to his knees and turned to face the shore looking in my direction. Loud grunting was to be heard with his right hand flapping rapidly.The children playing on the beach heard this and entered the water lining up beside him , imitating his grunts and hand actions. Upon the parents seeing this the children were quickly removed and scolded for making fun of this man.It made me sad that the parents were pushing there perceptions onto the children ,when it was obvious they were totally innocent in what they were doing.As I turned my attention away from the children and looked back to the man ,to my amazement there were six dolphins swimming around him.I then realised he was calling in the dolphins. As the empath that I am I could feel the vibration this man was emanating.After this experience I now am able to call the dolphins in.He showed me the way,I feel blessed

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