@LalaK shared this with me. What do you think about Trumps pick for director. Why would he hire her with so much shady history behind her. And I know it seems all his picks are like this, just really shady characters who always seem to get into huge trouble right after taking office. Is he hiring people he hates purposefully to let them bring themselves down knowing the world will be watching them. You can see how desperately this man is trying to stop this woman from getting into power. He knows how corrupt she is personally. Look at the way the police treat this man merely for trying to bring important facts to their attention before a decision is made. They seem to be purposefully trying to hurt him but make it look like they had a right to break his arm and back. When clearly they had not. Why do police enjoy hurting others so much, from all walks of life. How many times have they shown their true intentions to the public. https://youtu.be/CE1hT0koseg