Where do Mas Sajady's lies end? He publicly advertises on his Linked In that he went to the U of MN from 81-86. These U of M directories show Sajady only present in 1983-84. Tanster has never found proof he even graduated as he claims. Here is the directory from 85-86 that shows NO Masood. These manuals all have my brothers in them — they are accurate. 86-87 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53328 85-86 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53327 84-85 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53179 1983-4 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53177 1982-3 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53175 1981-82 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53058 1980-1981 https://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/11299/53057
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