Why the Liberal Idea of Individualism is a Bad One and Cultural Suicide. First, the idea of Individualism is mostly a fantasy. Virtually everything the most individualist person does everyday is the result of collectives that had their own self-interests, politics, and culture. They completely miss the point that being an Individualist can only happen within a Collective, otherwise you are just Alone and, ironically, representing the current state of the Collective. They will say that individuals can get together to accomplish a task, but the unspoken part is, this requires everyone to adhere to the Individualist mandate in everything in their lives. Kind of like Communism, "If only people would do it right..." This mean that you are betting the success of the entire system on no one on the planet giving preference to a friend, spouse, family, church, race, fellow bowling club member, sex, etc. in any dealings on any level of society, ever. You are also having to hope that no one notices that, if two or more of them work together in secret, they can be far more effective in the world. I know, I know, that would be wrong and so no one could would do it but, you know, it could happen… When they felt threatened, the Skeptic Community banded together to provide better defense of their position. I am not criticizing their decision, rather, I applaud it. Welcome Sargon, and the Others, back to the rest of Humanity. Each person reading this is probably a part of dozens of “collectives” just online alone. Collectives that you would get angry about if it was threatened, and you would indeed take actions to defend. Life on Earth is a Team Sport, and I don’t see that ever changing, if nothing else, for our sanity alone. Second, culturally speaking, what the Liberals or Individualists are asking us to do, is to treat people from all races and cultures as individuals. This act essentially disarms the culture stupid enough to do it. By making it “Moral” to treat yourselves and others only as individuals, you put yourself in a position that makes any act of in-group preference “Immoral”. To highlight your own groups achievements becomes Racist. Stating you don’t want your cultural changed makes you a Bigot. Not wanting your country destroyed by violent third world immigrants? Damn, you’re literally Hitler. Sound familiar? By making in-group preference wrong and immoral, you destroy the very mechanism that cultures use to maintain its cohesiveness and that is cultural and national identity. To ask a Nation to give up it’s self-identity and treat all others equally is the same as asking a parent to treat a stranger’s children better than their own. This is not a sign of enlightenment, it is a sign of severe mental dysfunction. Yet today, you are treated as a deranged bigot if you point out the obvious. Lastly, the viability of Liberal Individualism is a simple premise to test. Imagine all the animals and insects on the planet adopting the Liberal Individualist view. I imagine most insect populations would die off, bees most importantly. Well, growing food just became somewhat problematic. There goes the wolves and other pack and herd animals. You get the point. Humans are no different. “We can Rise Above our Baser Instincts!”, they claim. I call bullshit. For a race who’s first twenty-five or thirty years are massively dominated by hormonal drives, the idea that we can just rise above seems delusional. Even if we did manage to “rise above”, the fact that we had to rise above our biological instincts means that to maintain this utopia, every member of every generation will have to be subjected to a lifetime of constant propaganda in order to repress their natural inclinations for a completely artificial one of universal equality. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see that as a sound foundation on which to build a lasting society. I would prefer to see a society that recognizes and works with our Natural Selves, rather than fighting tooth and nail against it all in the name of a distorted and inaccurate morality. Sinvaris