.. https://youtu.be/M62Va6Ft2cw.  Seems to me like something the utah highway patrol would do. They are extremely poorly trained officers also. Pretty sad world we live in when you can't trust police at all anymore. I think it started with the laws giving police an out. Basically a law stating that if any officer feels threatened in any way for any reason they can kill anyone they wish. This law gives a get out of jail card for police and you can count the amount of police murder convictions in the past decade on your fingers because of it. This sense of power and higher power knowing they can get away with breaking the law gives them what is known in psychiatry afflueza. A disease which turns regular people into murderous narcissists killing for sport and getting thrills seeing what they can geymt away with. But since these laws were designed to save tax payer dollars by making it impossible for family to sue the state when they murder their family for no reason i just dont see them changing these laws anytime soon. Every one of us would have to stand up and force lawmakers to make laws which require police to be held accountable for their actions and bringing humanity back to this job. Giving no accountability causes afflueza which causes a sense of blind superiority over others. To them killing a man is no different than killing a fly to us. No big deal we are not the sam they are way above us, they rule over us. They tell us to jump and if we don't jump high enough they blow our brains out and without worry. Often even feeling a sense of duty to do this, always display your dominance. But they have no ability to feel like a human or see us as equals because they are not and they see us as threats to them because we now see them as threats to us. None of this can chance until we change the law. Politicians need to consider the public's safety above their precious bottom line and strong numbers. They also need to quit publicly praising these poodle trained men in public by calling them hero's and thanking them for their service because this draws even more narcissists into this profession as though they already didn't have plenty. Then when they finally get a good one they have more bad cops than good forcing the good cops to play the games or get out. No cop will ever bring charges to another I've tried a number of times even with tons of indisputable evidence. They just are too scared to be hated by any one of them but you do it once and they will all hate you. If you ever find a cop in jail it's likely they are not team players, either a good guy or a very sloppy cop causing bad press.