@missynomer69  a kind reinterpretation, the concept of taking back the Masonic symbols, thus exposing of the #duality as #arches can be positive of an #archlight of energy - both good vs evil.. dark and light. It just represents what is created when we generate connectivity and the arche does appear simple.  Many mistake it’s meaning in your comparing to the #imaginarium where instead of evil :: it’s not #occult or hidden what we see today’s demand for #transparancy  Now we call it #opensource .. is generating creativity  between the pillars of light and dark.. like between the eyes we see with.. but this reminds us when we see the pillars or lines to read what is in between, don’t forget unseen..  Your #thirdeye #higherawareness as between the two obvious pillars of polarity this creativity happens..  your portal to #thirdeyeride as you call it.. this duality of a simple design, is not so simple !? #masonicfloor or elite #chessboard the duality is that plain visual of black and white #opart has always been a way to show dimension in art, as you always point out the best bits! Not all negative it’s a balance and what you make of it .. is under your arche or #banner #logo #spell #curse #title etc it’s also a way to display #logos #dimension like #mcecher who often makes look easy in his artwork. There are many hidden meanings but still, we bring meaning to the things that mean the most. Mind your creativity and dance to your own #myth #myob 
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