In view of the anti- male attitude by government, its legal system and the main stream media. It is proposed that men never talk to a women except to ask to talk or be served by a man or supervisor. If the supervisor is female continue to ask to talk to a male. The possible mention of the negative implications of talking to a women should be very brief and not discussed at length or preferably not mentioned at all. That is, to avoid sexist legal anti-male legislation, laws and attitudes, I request to talk to a male. Because of the negative consequences, only seek interaction with males every where. This includes shopping, going through check-out and even asking for a male in all activities of normal life. Phone calls could also be dealt with in this way. Avoid entanglements and keep it simple. You can be destroyed/ jailed by women though completely innocent. All proof of male innocence can be excluded from any trial. Men are presumed guilty while women are innocent until proven otherwise. Women are very rarely charged with perjury even though documented at very high levels. As of now men's life can be destroyed by a lying women with no reasonable recourse by men. There are little in the way of consequences for women's illegal behavior. Government and its Legal systems are female biased now with a bureaucracy that will bankrupt you and waste your time for those less then very rich. Main street media should be looked at as government agents as they seem to be similarly biased and tow the government lies. - Dyscrat
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