So I took a bit of a political quiz, ( if you want to take it yourself), and I think it is a little simplistic, but not the worst. One problem with a lot of these quizzes is that there is a lot of caveats lost in the statements that you respond to, especially for folks like myself. An example statement: Research should be conducted on an international scale. Do I agree? Well, yes. But it depends on what the authors of the quiz meant by international scale. Should there be research conducted on that scale? Sure, but I'm not sure that I want it to be done by nations. I would want that to be done by companies and corporations. Another example: A strongly hierarchical state is most efficient. Well, it depends on what the authors mean by 'efficient.' A dictatorship will absolutely be more efficient at enacting the desires of the dictator. Is that what is meant? Because then I agree. Or do they mean in the market sense, and that a dictatorship leads to efficiently operating economics? Then it depends on the dictator. Thankfully, there are enough decent statements that the ambiguous ones are just a bit of noise.