A leash has two ends. If this article resonates with you, then you can relate to why I am an anarchist. Not that this kind of thing is the fundamental reason, but the fact is that when you couple everyone's well-being, autonomy, values, prosperity, whatever so closely together, every individual is always at risk of theirs being steamrolled by a faceless horde they never wanted to have anything to do with. You, who feel this way now, have most likely been on the front lines of strengthening that coupling. When you thought you had enough power to remain the steamroller instead of the flattened victim, you had no qualms about imposing it on everyone from your neighbors to people you never have and never will meet, people you only know through stereotypes. Now you're on the receiving end, and you're suddenly calling it unfair, oppressive, a moral outrage. If the only outcome of this election was to rub your face in that lesson, so you could not ignore it, it was worth it. For me, I'm of the same view I have held for many years. Break that kind of coupling, at a deep, fundamental level. While it exists, something close to half the population will find it unbearable. Now that it is your half, maybe you see it too, but if your answer is further imposition aimed at making sure the roles never get reversed again (like undoing the electoral college), you are not only missing the point, you're driving people toward solutions even more drastic and unbearable. I know this is not going to turn you anarchist overnight, but maybe you at least get a glimpse of the value of federalism, state's rights, tenth amendment, etc. If you refuse to see it, prepare for this kind of thing, or worse, to keep happening for the rest of your life. The gloves are off, and the barriers to how far down into your lives it can reach have been dropping like flies for generations, mostly at your vehement insistence. Brother, you asked for it.
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