Nikola Tesla, with his equipment

<p><span class="mw-mmv-title">Famous photograph of Serbian-American inventor <a class="extiw" title="w:Nikola Tesla" href="">Nikola Tesla</a> in his laboratory in Colorado Springs around 1899, supposedly sitting reading next to his giant "<a class="extiw" title="w:magnifying transmitter" href="">magnifying transmitter</a>" high voltage generator while the machine produced huge bolts of electricity. The photo was a promotional stunt by photographer Dickenson V. Alley; a double exposure. First the machine's huge sparks were photographed in the darkened room, then the photographic plate was exposed again with the machine off and Tesla sitting in the chair. In his <em>Colorado Springs Notes</em> Tesla admitted that the photo is false: "<em>Of course, the discharge was not playing when the experimenter was photographed, as might be imagined!</em>" Tesla's biographers Carl Willis and Mark Seifer confirm this. During 1899-1900 Tesla built this laboratory and researched <a class="extiw" title="w:wireless power" href="">wireless transmission of electric power</a> there. The Magnifying Transmitter, one of the largest <a class="extiw" title="w:Tesla coil" href="">Tesla coils</a> ever built, with input power of 150 kW could produce potential of around 12 million volts at a frequency of about 150 kHz, creating 130 ft. (41 m) "lightning bolts". The arcs in the image are 22 feet long. When he first turned it on, the machine blew out the Colorado Springs power company's generator.</span></p> <p> </p> <div class="mw-mmv-image-metadata"> <div class="mw-mmv-image-metadata-column mw-mmv-image-metadata-desc-column"> <p class="mw-mmv-credit mw-mmv-ttf-container mw-mmv-ttf-normal"><span class="mw-mmv-source-author"><span class="mw-mmv-author"><span class="fn value"> Photographer: Dickenson V. Alley Restored by <a title="User:Lošmi" href="">Lošmi</a> </span></span> - </span></p> </div> <div class="mw-mmv-image-metadata-column mw-mmv-image-metadata-links-column"> <div class="mw-mmv-image-links-div"> <ul class="mw-mmv-image-links"> <li class="mw-mmv-license-li cc-license"><a class="mw-mmv-license" href="" target="_blank">CC BY-SA 4.0</a></li> <li class="mw-mmv-filename-li"><span class="mw-mmv-filename-prefix">File:</span><span class="mw-mmv-filename">Nikola Tesla, with his equipment EDIT.jpg</span></li> <li class="mw-mmv-datetime-li"><span class="mw-mmv-datetime">Created: circa 1899</span></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div>